Klaus Hafemann
Klaus Hafemann: Styling and curling hairbrush. WIK Far East, Patent Law Offices of Rick Martin PC, Margaret Polson, October 24, 2006: US07124763 (8 worldwide citation)

A styling and curling hairbrush 1 having an elongated tubular body 6 with an interior hollow volume along the longitudinal extent to forming air channel 7. A hot air stream 17 enters the open end of body 6. Body 6 has air exit openings 9 connecting the air channel 7 with the outer shell surface of t ...

Durga Malladi
Edward G Tiedemann Jr, Aleksandar Damnjanovic, Avinash Jain, Durga P Malladi, David Puig Oses, Peter Gaal, Serge Willenegger, Stein Lundby, Sandip Sarkar, Tao Chen, Yongbin Wei: Grant, acknowledgement, and rate control active sets. Qualcomm Incorporated, Philip R Wadsworth, Thien T Nguyen, W Chris Kim, October 24, 2006: US07126928 (80 worldwide citation)

Embodiments disclosed herein address the need in the art for efficient management of grant, acknowledgement, and rate control channels. In one aspect, a list associated with a first station is generated or stored, the list comprising zero or more identifiers, each identifier identifying one of a plu ...

Csaba Truckai, John Shadduck: Electrosurgical working end for controlled energy delivery. SurgRx, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, October 24, 2006: US07125409 (405 worldwide citation)

An electrosurgical working end for automatic modulation of active Rf density in a targeted tissue volume. The working end of the probe of the present invention defines a tissue-engagement surface of an elastomeric material with conductive elements that extend therethrough. In one embodiment, the exp ...

Gary Allan Kemp II, Harris Brumfield: Click based trading with intuitive grid display of market depth and price consolidation. Trading Technologies International, Foley & Lardner, October 24, 2006: US07127424 (334 worldwide citation)

A method and system for reducing the time it takes for a trader to place a trade when electronically trading on an exchange, thus increasing the likelihood that the trader will have orders filled at desirable prices and quantities. The “Mercury” display and trading method of the present invention en ...

David W Baarman, Stephen J McPhilliamy, Christopher Houghton: Inductively powered apparatus. Access Business Group International, Warner Norcross & Judd, October 24, 2006: US07126450 (220 worldwide citation)

An inductive power supply system for providing power to one or more inductively powered devices. The system includes a mechanism for varying the physical distance or the respective orientation between the primary coil and secondary coil to control the amount of power supplied to the inductively powe ...

Andrew Thomas Davis, Jay Parikh, Srinivasan Pichai, Eddie Ruvinsky, Daniel Stodolsky, Mark Tsimelzon, William E Weihl: Java application framework for use in a content delivery network (CDN). Akamai Technologies, David H Judson, October 24, 2006: US07127713 (196 worldwide citation)

An application deployment model for enterprise applications to enable such applications to be deployed to and executed from a globally distributed computing platform, such as an Internet content delivery network (CDN). According to the invention, application developers separate their Web application ...

Matthew K Musho, J Oakey Noell, Andrew J Edelbrock, Dijia Huang: Electrochemical-sensor design. Bayer HealthCare, October 24, 2006: US07125481 (190 worldwide citation)

An electrochemical test sensor adapted to assist in determining the concentration of analyte in a fluid sample is disclosed. The sensor comprises a base that assists in forming an opening for introducing the fluid sample, a working electrode being coupled to the base, and a counter electrode being c ...

Missoum Moumene, Ian Burgess, George Joseph Ross, Christopher Sicvol, Frank Bono: Locking cap assembly for spinal fixation instrumentation. DePuy Spine SARL, Nutter McClennen & Fish, October 24, 2006: US07125426 (190 worldwide citation)

A spinal anchor assembly for securing a fixation element includes an anchor element and a twist-in cap. The anchor element is configured for attachment to a bone, typically by comprising a mono- or polyaxial screw or hook, and includes a proximal portion having an open slot for receiving the fixatio ...

Richard J Melker, Joachim S Gravenstein, George Worley: Specially configured lip/cheek pulse oximeter/photoplethysmography probes, selectively with sampler for capnography, and covering sleeves for same. University of Florida Research Foundation, Beta Biomed Services, Timothy H Van Dyke, Beusse Wolter Sanks Mora & Maire, October 24, 2006: US07127278 (187 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to novel lip/cheek probes for detection of pulse-based differences in light absorbence across the vascularized tissue of a lip or cheek of a patient. These probes are fabricated to provide signals to estimate arterial oxygen saturation, and/or to obtain other photopleth ...

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