Fred Thomas
Fred C Thomas: Massively multi-level optical data storage using subwavelength sized nano-grating structures. Iomega Corporation, October 5, 2006: US20060221796-A1

An information storage apparatus uses an optical data element (nano-grating) with features that are smaller than the wavelength of light. The optical data element alters one or more properties of the light such as reflected amplitude, polarization, phase, wavelength, and spatial orientation to encod ...

Dan Miller
Daniel N Miller, David D Young: Conformal aero-adaptive nozzle/aftbody. Lockheed Martin Corporation, ROBERT A McLAUCHLAN, October 5, 2006: US20060219847-A1

The present invention provides flow field control techniques that adapt the aft body region flow field to eliminate or mitigate the development of massive separated flow field zones and associated unsteady vortical flow field structures. Embodiments of the present invention use one or more distribut ...

Sumit Agarwal
Ross Koningstein, Sumit Agarwal: Networking advertisers and agents for ad authoring and/or ad campaign management. Straub & Pokotylo, October 5, 2006: US20060224444-A1

As online ads are becoming technically and artistically more sophisticated, advertisers will need a way to efficiently request assistance with ad creations that offer richer ad formats. An online ad business environment helps connect advertisers with ad service providers (also called agents or advis ...

Jina Arvind N: Devices, systems, methods and tools for continuous glucose monitoring. Arkal Medical, Jina Arvind N, O REGAN Cecily Anne, October 5, 2006: WO/2006/105146 (349 worldwide citation)

One aspect of the invention provides a glucose monitor having a plurality of tissue piercing elements each tissue piercing element having a distal opening, a proximal opening and interior space extending between the distal and proximal opening, a sensing area in fluid communication with the proximal ...

Stone Corbett W, Hoey Michael F, Steinke Tom A, Michel Raphael M, Blanck Arthur G: Intraluminal electrical tissue characterization and tuned rf energy for selective treatment of atheroma and other target tissues. Minnow Medical, Stone Corbett W, Hoey Michael F, Steinke Tom A, Michel Raphael M, Blanck Arthur G, BARRISH Mark D, October 5, 2006: WO/2006/105121 (272 worldwide citation)

A catheter and catheter system can use energy tailored for remodeling and/or removal of target material along a body lumen, often of atherosclerotic material of a blood vessel of a patient. An elongate flexible catheter body with a radially expandable structure may have a plurality of electrodes or ...

Nishizeki Masato, Oshiyama Tomohiro: (Ja) 有機エレクトロルミネッセンス素子材料、有機エレクトロルミネッセンス素子、表示装置及び照明装置, (En) Organic electroluminescent device material, organic electroluminescent device, display and illuminating device. Konica Minolta Holdings, Nishizeki Masato, Oshiyama Tomohiro, October 5, 2006: WO/2006/103874 (227 worldwide citation)

(EN) Disclosed is an organic electroluminescent device material exhibiting high luminous efficiency while having long emission life. Also disclosed are an organic electroluminescent device using such an organic electroluminescent device material, and an illuminating device and display employing such ...

Poidomani Mark, Routhenstein Lawrence, Mcguire Charles, Alon Ziv: Electronic financial transaction cards and methods. Privasys, HICKMAN Paul L, October 5, 2006: WO/2006/105092 (173 worldwide citation)

In an exemplary embodiment a companion processor system is provided which pairs a secure processor with a general processor. The secure processor can, for example, include a signal port, a power port and a ground port. The general processor is, in for example, operative to power up the secure proces ...

Ikeda Akira: Radio tag. Nec Tokin, October 5, 2006: JP2006-270212 (123 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a radio tag having a satisfactory communication state even if the environment of use is changed.SOLUTION: An antenna 3 having a first form directly joined to the I/O terminal of an IC chip 2 can be separated from an antenna 6 having a second form that cannot be direc ...

Pervan Darko: Mechanical locking system for floor panels and a method to disconnect floor panels. Välinge Innovation, Pervan Darko, AWAPATENT, October 5, 2006: WO/2006/104436 (116 worldwide citation)

Floor panels (1, 1’) are shown, which are provided with a mechanical snap locking system with a locking element (15) made of a separate material in order to reduce snapping resistance and/or increase locking strength. A method is provided to unlock mechanical locking systems horizontally.

Murofushi Nobuo, Sano Koichi, Kichi Yasuhito: Wireless tag and method of adjusting the same. Toshiba TEC, October 5, 2006: JP2006-270766 (89 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prepare a wireless tag, having a common dipole antenna length and adjust the length of the dipole antenna of the wireless tag, when using it so that it matches the wavelength of the radio waves propagating in a substance that is mounted with the wireless tag.SOLUTION: As the ...