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A surgical access system (100) comprises an access port (5), a rigid cannula having a shaft (11) and a laparoscopic surgical instrument (101). The access port (5) comprises a seal (6) and a retractor. The retractor comprises a distal O-ring (71), an outer proximal ring member (77), an inner proximal ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a self-propelled working robot for accurately working everywhere in an operation region by correcting a traveling distance error in a traveling direction by a simple teaching operation.SOLUTION: This self-propelled working robot is provided with a traveling control m ...

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Methods of making fibrous materials are disclosed that include shearing a fiber source to provide a first fibrous material, and passing the first fibrous material through a first screen. Also, composites are disclosed that includes a fibrous material, a resin and a dye.

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The present invention is directed to an electrical wiring inspection system. The system includes an electrical measurement apparatus having at least one load center connector configured to couple the electrical measurement apparatus to a load center, at least one branch circuit connective device con ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for manufacturing a microlens to reduce an error from a target shape even when the sensitivity of a resist changes.SOLUTION: First, a resist 2 is applied (a) onto a substrate (optical base material) 1 made of quartz or glass. The resist 2 is exposed by using ...

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(EN) A method for forming an organic EL layer for forming a high quality organic EL element with high productivity without increasing the cost. The method for forming the organic EL layer of an organic EL element by using a production system having a supply section, a pattern coating/drying section, ...

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A method and apparatus for adapting a help menu on a user interface, utilizing an input method such as a speech recognition system, for increased efficiency. A list of menu items is presented on the user interface including an optional menu item to reinstate any previously removed menu items. A user ...

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Method and system for integrating infusion device and analyte monitoring system including medication infusion device such as an insulin pump and an analyte monitoring system such as a glucose monitoring system are provided.