Katherina Babich
Katherina E Babich, Roy Arthur Carruthers, Timothy Joseph Dalton, Alfred Grill, Jeffrey Curtis Hedrick, Christopher Vincent Jahnes, Ebony Lynn Mays, Laurent Perraud, Sampath Purushothaman, Katherine Lynn Saenger: Multilayer interconnect structure containing air gaps and method for making. International Business Machines Corporation, Scully Scott Murphy & Presser P C, Robert M Trepp Esq, August 29, 2006: US07098476 (19 worldwide citation)

A novel air-gap-containing interconnect wiring structure is described incorporating a solid low-k dielectric in the via levels, and a composite solid plus air-gap dielectric in the wiring levels. Also provided is a method for forming such an interconnect structure. The method is readily scalable to ...

Eb Eshun
Douglas D Coolbaugh, Ebenezer E Eshun, Alvin J Joseph, Robert M Rassel: Reduced guard ring in schottky barrier diode structure. International Business Machines Corporation, Richard M Kotulak Esq, Greenblum & Bernstein, August 29, 2006: US07098521 (3 worldwide citation)

Schottky barrier diodes use a dielectric separation region to bound an active region. The dielectric separation region permits the elimination of a guard ring in at least one dimension. Further, using a dielectric separation region in an active portion of the integrated circuit device may reduce or ...

Brian Goodall
Brian L Goodall, Robert Howard Grubbs, Andrew Willis Waltman: Olefin polymerization catalyst and polymerization process. Rohm and Haas Company, Thomas S Deibert, August 29, 2006: US07098278 (1 worldwide citation)

A polymerization catalyst for the polymerization and copolymerization of olefin monomers and the copolymerization of olefin monomers with other monomers selected from, for example, norbornenes and styrenes are disclosed. The polymerization catalysts disclosed contain a metal center selected from Ti, ...

Kees Schouhamer Immink
Josephus A H M Kahlman, Kornelis A Schouhamer Immink, Gijsbert Van Den Enden, Toshiyuki Nakagawa, Yoshihide Shinpuku, Tatsuya Narahara, Kosuke Nakamura: Modulation apparatus/method, demodulation apparatus/method and program presenting medium. Koninkijke Philips Electronics, Michael E Belk, August 29, 2006: US07098819

A DSV control bit determining/inserting unit inserts DSV control bits for execution of DSV control into an input data string and outputs the data string including the DSV control bits to a modulation unit. This modulation unit converts the data string with a basic data length of 2 bits into variable ...

Alfred E Mann, Richard E Purvis, John J Mastrototaro, James D Causey, James Henke, Peter Hong, John H Livingston, Clifford W Hague, Brad T Hite: Telemetered characteristic monitor system and method of using the same. Medtronic MiniMed, Medtronic MiniMed, August 29, 2006: US07098803 (672 worldwide citation)

A telemetered characteristic monitor system includes a remotely located data receiving device, a sensor for producing signal indicative of a characteristic of a user, and a transmitter device. The transmitter device includes a housing, a sensor connector, a processor, and a transmitter. The transmit ...

Roy Aaron Underwood: Managing user information on an e-commerce system. Accenture, Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly, August 29, 2006: US07100195 (658 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides for the management of user information of both site server and regular web site users. A site server is provided with information stored thereon including preferences, roles, and details related to users. A database separate from the site server is also provided. The d ...

Stanislaw Marczyk: Surgical stapling apparatus with locking mechanism. Tyco Healthcare Group, August 29, 2006: US07097089 (545 worldwide citation)

The present disclosure provides for a loading unit for use with and/or supportable on a distal end of a surgical stapling apparatus. The loading unit includes a housing portion including a distal end and a proximal end, a drive assembly slidably supported within the housing portion of the loading un ...

Charles McElfresh, Paul Mineiro, Michael Radford: Method and system for optimum placement of advertisements on a webpage. Overture Services, Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione, August 29, 2006: US07100111 (345 worldwide citation)

A method and system for placement of graphical objects on a page to optimize the occurrence of an event associated with such objects. The graphical objects might include, for instance, advertisements on a webpage, and the event would include a user clicking on that ad. The page includes positions fo ...

Jeffrey Dean Lindsay, Heriberto Flores Velazquez, Fung jou Chen, Eric Francis Wagner: Deactivating a data tag for user privacy or tamper-evident packaging. Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Senniger Powers, August 29, 2006: US07098794 (332 worldwide citation)

Deactivating a data tag attached to packaging for user privacy or tamper-evident reasons. A data circuit stores identification information. A plurality of antennas is coupled to the data circuit. At least one antenna of the plurality of antennas is a removable antenna capable of wireless signal tran ...

Gary Weller, Jamy Gannoe, Craig Gerbi, Douglas S Sutton, Andrew H Hancock, Gilbert Mata Jr: System for tissue approximation and fixation. Satiety, Fulwider Patton, August 29, 2006: US07097650 (326 worldwide citation)

A system for tissue approximation and fixation is described herein. The devices are advanced in a minimally invasive manner within a patient's body to create one or several divisions or plications within a hollow body organ. The system comprises a tissue acquisition and folding device and a tissue s ...