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Methods for treating skin disorders by local administration of a Clostridial toxin, such as a botulinum toxin, to a patient with a skin disorder.

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A surgical instrument (10,700) particularly suited to endoscopic use articulates an end effector (20,710) by including a fluid transfer articulation mechanism that is proximally controlled. A fluid control (702), which is attached to a proximal portion (714), transfers fluid through the elongate sha ...

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In electrosurgical apparatus for tissue desiccation and cutting, an electrosurgical generator has a series- connected output inductor (L) which forms a series resonant circuit with the capacitance (C L ) of the generator load, the load including an electrode unit and a cable coupled to the generator ...

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The present invention relates to a voice-controlled data system comprising a storage medium for storing media files, the media files having associated file identification data for allowing the identification of the media files, the file identification data comprising phonetic data including phonetic ...

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An optical fiber radio transmission system is provided which is capable of considerably improving the received dynamic range of radio signals and, in addition, is capable of optically transmitting radio signals while preventing the deterioration of transmission performance and the loss of linearity ...


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A method and system improves efficiency of highly concurrent aggregate summaries updates by delaying the updates to as late as possible in the transaction, while maintaining an accurate in-progress aggregate summary for use by transaction in progress. The system uses a temporary table to store updat ...

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A vegetable oil hydroconversion process is described for hydroconverting a mixture between 1 to 75% in mass of oil or natural fat (1) and the rest mineral oil (2), hydroconverted in a reactor (205) under conditions of pressure, temperature, hydrogen (flow 119) and sulfide catalyst of Groups VIII and ...

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With a view to preventing increases in forward voltage due to a change with the lapse of time of a bipolar semiconductor device using a silicon carbide semiconductor, a buffer layer, a drift layer and other p-type and n-type semiconductor layers are formed on a growth surface, which is given by a su ...

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An apparatus comprises a tubular support member 42 and collapsible expansion cone 44 coupled to the support member. The apparatus also includes means for collapsing the expansion cone, such as a mechanism using a drop ball (110, fig 12). The apparatus also includes means for pulling the collapsible ...