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A session initiation protocol (SIP) server adds billing and authentication information to conventional SIP messages used in establishing call transfers. This additional information is later verified by a SIP server and used to enable advanced billing and fraud protection features for call transfers ...

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Bone plates having an adjustable joint, and methods of using the bone plates to fix bones.

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The present invention advantageously provides a rights management system. In one embodiment, a specification of a general level of rights owned by a first intellectual property rights owner is received. A query is received for a lower level right that is a descendent of at least one of the general l ...

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A disk drive is disclosed which demagnetizes the head after a write operation. Write circuitry applies a write signal to the head in order to write data to a selected data sector during a write operation, wherein the write signal comprises a predetermined write current amplitude. Control circuitry d ...

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A method of supporting mass human-interaction events, including: providing a mass interaction event by a computer network (100) in which a plurality of participants (102) interact with each other by generating information comprising of questions, responses to questions and fact information for prese ...

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Systems and methods are provided herein for improving the selectivity and productivity of sensors via digital signal processing techniques. According to one illustrative embodiment, in an electrochemical method for monitoring of a select analyte in a mixed sample with an interfering analyte, an impr ...

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A system for remotely monitoring and controlling an HVAC device includes a server which receives queries from an entry device and data from the HVAC device. Databases with information regarding the location and status of the HVAC devices reside on the server, as does a user name/password file, inste ...

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A document processing system comprises an input receptacle for receiving documents. A transport mechanism receives the documents from the input receptacle and transports the documents past an image scanner and a discrimination unit. An output receptacle receives the documents from the transport mech ...

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The present invention provides a load balancing device, computer program product, and method for balancing the load across a plurality of proxy devices arranged to perform malware scanning of files stored within a file storage device of a computer network. The computer network has a plurality of cli ...

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A method, system, and computer program product for performing searching that generates improved queries, retrieves meaningful and relevant information, and presents the retrieved information to the user in a useful and comprehensive manner is described. The method of searching comprises the steps of ...