Ulrich Klostermann
Daniel Braun, Rainer Leuschner, Ulrich Klostermann: MRAM with magnetic via for storage of information and field sensor. Infineon Technologies, Altis Semiconductor, Dicke Billig & Czaja PLLC, August 15, 2006: US07092284 (46 worldwide citation)

A magnetic memory element is disclosed. The magnetic memory element includes a magnetic via for storing information, made of a magnetic material and being vertically oriented relative to a wafer surface on which the magnetic memory element is formed, the magnetic via having a magnetic anisotropy wit ...


Sean Dycus, Chelsea Shields, Gary M Couture, Jeremey Scott James, Kristin D Johnson, Lap P Nguyen, Philip Tetzlaff, Michael R Warzecha, Michael Moses, David A Schechter: Vessel sealer and divider. Sherwood Services, August 15, 2006: US07090673 (563 worldwide citation)

An electrosurgical instrument for performing at least one of sealing and dividing tissue includes a housing having a shaft attached thereto, the shaft defining a longitudinal axis. The electrosurgical instrument also includes a first jaw member movable relative to a second jaw member, the first jaw ...

David L Brock, Woojin Lee, Gary Rogers, Barry Weitzner, Robert E Ailinger: Flexible instrument. Hansen Medical, Vista IP Law Group, August 15, 2006: US07090683 (433 worldwide citation)

A remote control flexible instrument system, employing a shaft which supports a tool, is described in which the has proximal and distal ends with at least a portion thereof extending through a lumen of the human body so as to locate the shaft at an internal target site. A master station including an ...

David J Danitz, Adam Gold: Articulating mechanism for remote manipulation of a surgical or diagnostic tool. Novare Surgical Systems, Morrison & Foerster, August 15, 2006: US07090637 (415 worldwide citation)

The invention provides an articulating mechanism useful, for example, for remote manipulation of various surgical instruments and diagnostic tools within, or to, regions of the body. Movement of segments at the proximal end of the mechanism results in a corresponding, relative movement of segments a ...

James F McGuckin Jr, Peter W J Hinchliffe: Apparatus and method for resectioning gastro-esophageal tissue. Rex Medical, Fay Kaplun & Marcin, August 15, 2006: US07090684 (372 worldwide citation)

A system for stapling tissue comprises a flexible endoscope and an operative head including a pair of opposed, curved tissue clamping jaws sized to pass through an esophagus, the jaws being moveable with respect to one another between an open tissue receiving configuration and a closed tissue clampi ...

Yuen Jun Jiang, Hisao M Chang: Method and system for wireless voice channel/data channel integration. Roamware, Courtney Staniford & Gregory, August 15, 2006: US07092370 (303 worldwide citation)

A system and method for wireless communication is disclosed. In one embodiment of a method, a user of a wireless device initiates a communication session during which a wireless data session can be triggered from a voice session and a voice session can be triggered from a wireless data session. Duri ...

Joseph B Elad, Apperson H Johnson, David S Cleaver, Daniel L Chester, Keith S Decker, Thomas A Roper, Irene H Philips: Intelligent portal engine. Quantum Leap Research, Brian A Gomez, August 15, 2006: US07092928 (286 worldwide citation)

A human-computer interface system and methods for providing intelligent, adaptive, multimodal interaction with users while accomplishing tasks on their behalf in some particular domain or combination of domains. Specifically, this system accepts user input via natural language text, mouse actions, h ...

Peter A J van der Made: Computer immune system and method for detecting unwanted code in a computer system. Internet Security Systems, King & Spalding, August 15, 2006: US07093239 (281 worldwide citation)

An automated analysis system detects malicious code within a computer system by generating and subsequently analyzing a behavior pattern for each computer program introduced to the computer system. Generation of the behavior pattern is accomplished by a virtual machine invoked within the computer sy ...

Akram M Hosain, Emad Qaddoura, Mary Barnes, Haseeb Akhtar: Accounting method and apparatus for communications network. Nortel Networks, Trop Pruner & Hu P C, August 15, 2006: US07092696 (267 worldwide citation)

An accounting framework is provided for a communications system having a plurality of service providers, including cellular service providers and/or data network service providers, e.g., Internet service providers. Accounting units containing accounting information are exchanged between service prov ...

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