Benoit Sevigny
Benoit Sevigny: Image processing. Autodesk, Staas & Halsey, August 1, 2006: US07084879 (8 worldwide citation)

Apparatus is provided to flare-suppress a source frame. A distance value is defined that, for any pixel, describes how close its color is to a specified color, and the processing means calculates a transformation that maximizes the distance value of a selected background pixel. A flare value is then ...

Olivier Benoit
Christophe Clavier, Olivier Benoit: Countermeasure method in an electronic component using a secret key cryptographic algorithm. GEMPLUS, Buchanan Ingersoll PC, August 1, 2006: US07085378 (2 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a countermeasure method in an electronic component using a secret key K cryptographic algorithm with sixteen computing cycles to supply an encrypted message (C) from an input message (M), each cycle using first means TC0 to supply an output information from an input informatio ...

Deodatta Shenai-Khatkhate
Shenai Khatkhate Deodatta Vinayak, Timmons Michael L, Marsman Charles R, Woelk Egbert, Dicarlo Jr Ronald L: Delivery device. Rohm And Haas Electronic Materials, August 1, 2006: TW200626823

Delivery devices for delivering solid precursor compounds in the vapor phase to reactors are provided. Such devices include a precursor composition of a solid precursor compound with a layer of packing material disposed thereon. Also provided are methods for transporting a carrier gas saturated with ...






Durga Malladi
Durga Prasad Malladi, Josef Blanz, Yongbin Wei: Communication receiver with an adaptive equalizer length. Qualcomm, Philip Wadsworth, Sandra L Godsey, August 1, 2006: US07085317 (8 worldwide citation)

In a communication system, a method for estimating a transmitted signal is disclosed. A communication signal is received. A delay-power analyzer analyzes the communication signal. A delay spread is then estimated from information obtained from the delay-power analyzer. A new equalizer filter length ...

Jeffrey S Swayze, Frederick E Shelton IV, Kevin Ross Doll, Douglas B Hoffman: Multi-stroke mechanism with automatic end of stroke retraction. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Dean Garner, August 1, 2006: US07083075 (606 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling and severing instrument particularly suited to endoscopic procedures incorporates a handle that produces separate closing and firing motions to actuate an end effector. In particular, the handle produces multiple firing strokes in order to reduce the required amount of force requ ...