Benoit Sevigny
Benoit Sevigny: Image processing. Autodesk, Staas & Halsey, July 25, 2006: US07081898 (12 worldwide citation)

Apparatus is provided to color-suppress a source frame that is composed of a plurality of pixels, each pixel being represented by three components defining a position within a color space. The source frame, comprising a foreground image against a background of a substantially uniform backing color, ...

Ulrich Klostermann
Daniel Christopher Worledge, Ulrich Klostermann: Techniques for reducing Neel coupling in toggle switching semiconductor devices. International Business Machines Corporation, Infineon Technologies North America, Ryan Mason & Lewis, July 25, 2006: US07081658 (2 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides techniques for data storage. In one aspect of the invention, a semiconductor device is provided. The semiconductor device comprises at least one free layer and at least one fixed layer, with at least one barrier layer therebetween. At least one pinned magnetic layer is ...

Jose Ferreira
Jean Marc Lemmer, Jens Peter Müller, Jose Ferreira, Pierre Pallotta: Coated article with low-E coating including tin oxide interlayer. Centre Luxembourgeois de Recherches pour le Verre et la Ceramique, Nixon & Vanderhye P C, July 25, 2006: US07081302 (28 worldwide citation)

A coated article is provided which may be heat treated (e.g., thermally tempered) in certain instances. In certain example embodiments, an interlayer of or including a metal oxide such as tin oxide is provided under an infrared (IR) reflecting layer so as to be located between respective layers comp ...

Maged Beshai
Maged E Beshai, Harold G Edwards, Paul F Daspit: Universal edge node. Nortel Networks, July 25, 2006: US07082132 (12 worldwide citation)

A universal electronic switching node serves as an edge node in a high-capacity network with an optical core. The universal edge node may handle a variety of traffic classes and may control traffic admission, connection definition, connection routing and core node configuration. The provided capabil ...

Eugene Fitzgerald
Eugene A Fitzgerald: Controlling threading dislocation densities in Ge on Si using graded GeSi layers and planarization. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Goodwin Procter, July 25, 2006: US07081410 (3 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor structure including a semiconductor substrate, at least one first crystalline epitaxial layer on the substrate, the first layer having a surface which is planarized, and at least one second crystalline epitaxial layer on the at least one first layer. In another embodiment of the inve ...

Peter Simpson, James Brauker, Victoria Carr Brendel, Paul Goode, Mark Tapsak: Systems and methods for improving electrochemical analyte sensors. DexCom, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, July 25, 2006: US07081195 (500 worldwide citation)

An analyte-measuring device, particularly an electrochemical sensor, is provided for measuring current values at multiple bias potential settings to assess the quality of the analyte measurement, identify interference in the signal, and calculate substantially interference-free analyte concentration ...

Susan E Vresh, Blynn L Shideler, Krisanne Shideler, Kevin S Vresh: Luminal anastomotic device. Blynn L Shideler, Krisanne Shideler, BLK Law Group, July 25, 2006: US07080769 (437 worldwide citation)

An end to end anastomotic stapling device connects two lumen sections avoiding constriction at the anastomotic ring. An intraluminal end to end anastomotic stapler includes an expanding head and anvil designed to fire an anastomotic ring having an inner diameter at least equal to the nominal inner d ...

Rassoll Rashidi: Electrophysiology/ablation catheter having lariat configuration of variable radius. St Jude Medical Atrial Fibrillation Division, July 25, 2006: US07081114 (418 worldwide citation)

A remotely deflectable electrophysiology/ablation catheter of the type intended for placing into an interior passage of the heart is disclosed. The distal end of this elongated tubular catheter has a pair of tension/compression members each with a flattened end portion connected to the distal electr ...

Ron Cohen, Yoram Snir: System and method of optimizing retrieval of network resources by identifying and substituting embedded symbolic host name references with network addresses in accordance with substitution policies. Cisco Technology, Hickman Palmero Truong & Becker, July 25, 2006: US07082476 (210 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus are provided for optimizing retrieval of network resources. In one embodiment, a method of optimizing access to a network resource is implemented in a computer program executed by a router, cache server, or proxy server. A network resource that contains one or more embedded sy ...

Michael A Sheha, Angie Sheha, Stephen Petilli: Point of interest spatial rating search method and system. Networks In Motion, Morrison & Foerster, July 25, 2006: US07082365 (208 worldwide citation)

A system and method for searching and retrieving location information associated with one or more points of interests, whereby the search criteria can be dependent upon the location of a point of interest with respect to the the real-time position of the user, and any preferences or search restricti ...