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Disclosed are a method for automatically originating an international call and a mobile communication terminal using the same, such that a function of automatically originating an intemational call according to movement of a mobile communication terminal between countries is provided. The mobile com ...

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A latch assembly (210) is connectable to a riser. A rotating control device (100) can be positioned with the riser, sealing the rotating control device with the latch assembly and removably latching the rotating control device to the latch assembly and to the riser. The latch assembly can be remotel ...

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An object of the present invention is to provide a novel microorganism which has an excellent ability to solubilize a variety of organic solid matter such as biological sludge including raw sludge and excess sludge discharged from sewage treating processes at sewage treatment plants, night soil trea ...

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The present patent application is directed to a communication system 0 comprising a first station 1 with a first narrow beam antenna 31 and a second station 2 comprising a second narrow beam antenna 41, wherein the first and second stations 1, 2 are adapted to establish a first communication path 7a ...

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A percussive drilling system 22 comprises a drill bit 40 having a bit body 41 with a plurality of mechanical cutters 36 and a directed energy mechanism 38 to direct energy into a formation 30, wherein the energy from the directed energy mechanism 38 causes fracturing of the surrounding formation 30 ...