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This invention relates generally to a method for producing self-assembled objects comprising single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) and compositions thereof. In one embodiment, the present invention involves a three-dimensional structure of derivatized single-wall nanotube molecules that spontaneously ...

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A system and method for processing track identification data in a disk drive having concentric tracks each having a track identification field (TIF) stored in embedded servo sectors, the TIF includes a band segment identifying a group of tracks, and an index segment identifying a single track of the ...

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Materials and construction for a tamper indicating radio frequency identification (RFID) label are provided to permit the destruction of the label or its properties in the event of attempts to remove the label from a surface to which it has been applied. An adhesion modifying coating is applied to a ...

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The invention provides control systems and methodologies for controlling a process having one or more motorized pumps and associated motor drives, which provide for optimized process performance according to one or more performance criteria, such as efficiency, component life expectancy, safety, emi ...

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A portable camera with integral printer device, the camera including a digital image capture device for the capturing of digital images; an integral programming language interpreter connected to the digital image capture device for the manipulation of the digital image; and a script input device for ...

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Disclosed is a disk drive that provides for internal disk drive temperature estimation. The disk drive includes an actuator, a head attached to the actuator, a disk to store data, a preamplifier connected to the head to amplify read and write signals, and a processor for controlling operations in th ...

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Bone screws and bone plates are provided that offer the surgeon the ability to either assemble the screws to the plate, or the plate to the screws, depending on the surgeon's preference and the patient's circumstances. The bone screws and bone plates of the present invention include a combination of ...

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A lamp has LED sources that are placed about a lamp axis in an axial arrangement. The lamp includes a post with post facets where the LED sources are mounted. The lamp includes a segmented reflector for guiding light from the LED sources. The segmented reflector includes reflective segments each of ...

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A method of fabricating a driver circuit for use with a passive matrix or active matrix electrooptical display device such as a liquid crystal display. The driver circuit occupies less space than heretofore. A circuit (stick crystal) having a length substantially equal to the length of one side of t ...

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Medical devices for filtering fluids flowing through a lumen and a method of forming medical devices. The devices can be used in vascular channels, urinary tracts, biliary ducts and the like, and filter emboli and other debris generated at a treatment site.