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A system and method for real-time multi-view (i.e. not just frontal view) face detection. The system and method uses a sequence of detectors of increasing complexity and face/non-face discriminating thresholds to quickly discard non-faces at the earliest stage possible, thus saving much computation ...

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An improved multi-layered diagnostic sanitary test strip for receiving a heterogenous fluid, such as whole blood, to test for presence and/or amount of a suspected analyte in the fluid by facilitating a color change in the strip corresponding to the amount of the analyte in the fluid, wherein the te ...

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A form-fitted protective enclosure with shock-resistant features to protect an inserted hand-held electronic device that both stores and plays digital audio recordings. The enclosure protects the inserted hand-held electronic device from impacts, wear and tear, inadvertent dropping due to protruding ...

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The present invention relates to the use of peracid esters for improving surface wetting during the disinfection of surfaces and to synergistic antimicrobial combinations of peracid esters with further components.

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A superabrasive cutting element for use with a drill bit for drilling subterranean formations and having a superabrasive table, or cutting face, in which a conglomerate of superabrasive particles is dispersed and bonded, or sintered, and in which at least one exposed cutting region of the superabras ...

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A method of forming a sidewall spacer on a gate electrode of a metal oxide semiconductor device that includes striking a first plasma to form an oxide layer on a side of the gate electrode, where the first plasma is generated from a oxide gas that includes O3 and bis-(tertiarybutylamine)silane, and ...

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The present invention generally relates to an inventive automated system, and method for its use, including a computer having a computer program defining three development phases including project proposal development, business proposition development, and implementation for market introduction. The ...

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The surface of a semiconductor substrate (1) comprises an input diode section (2) and a floating diffusion section (3) consisting of a diffusion region reverse to the substrate in conductivity type, an input gate (6) and an output gate (7) fixed on an insulation film (5) extending from an input diod ...

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Dielectric layers containing a chemical vapor deposited hafnium oxide and an electron beam evaporated lanthanide oxide and a method of fabricating such a dielectric layer produce a reliable dielectric layer having an equivalent oxide thickness thinner than attainable using SiO2. Forming a layer of h ...

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Computer-implemented methods and computer program products implement techniques for representing a project in a web application. The techniques include generating, through a Web server, a description of a project in HTML code, creating a graphic display of at least a portion of the project in the fo ...