Deodatta Shenai-Khatkhate
Deodatta Vinayak Shenai Khatkhate: Preparation of group IVA and group VIA compounds. Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, S Matthew Cairns, May 16, 2006: US07045451 (29 worldwide citation)

Methods of preparing Group IVA and Group VIA organometallic compounds, particularly Group IVA organometallic compounds, are provided. Such manufacturing methods employ an amine and/or phosphine catalyst in a transalkylation step and may be performed in a batch, semi-continuous or continuous manner.


Frederick E Shelton IV, Michael Earl Setser, William Bruce Weisenburgh II: Surgical stapling instrument having a single lockout mechanism for prevention of firing. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Dean Garner, May 16, 2006: US07044352 (581 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument for laparoscopic and endoscopic clinical procedures simultaneously severs and staples tissue clamped in an end effector comprising an elongate channel, which holds a staple cartridge, and a pivotally attached anvil. An E-beam firing bar engages the channel and selectively engag ...

Dominick L Mastri, Frank J Viola, Thomas W Alesi Jr, Robert J Geiste, Jon Wilson: Surgical stapler. United States Surgical Corporation, May 16, 2006: US07044353 (552 worldwide citation)

A surgical device is described herein that can be used to fire different types and sizes of disposable loading units. In a preferred embodiment, the device applies parallel rows of surgical fasteners to body tissue and concomitantly forms an incision between the rows of staples during an endoscopic ...

Mohamed K Diab: Plethysmograph pulse recognition processor. Masimo Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, May 16, 2006: US07044918 (379 worldwide citation)

A time domain rule-based processor provides recognition of individual pulses in a pulse oximeter-derived photo-plethysmograph waveform.

Darrel Drinan, Carl F Edman, Diethard Merz: Gateway platform for biological monitoring and delivery of therapeutic compounds. PhiloMetron, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, May 16, 2006: US07044911 (268 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to methods and devices for remote or distributed continuous monitoring of physiologically relevant states. The invention provides for methods to automatically detect deviations or other states in physiological parameters and automatically alert a measured subject, user or other ...

Oleg Svanidze, Keith E Myers: Minimally invasive valve replacement system. 3F Therapeutics, Jones Day, May 16, 2006: US07044966 (244 worldwide citation)

Methods and systems for minimally invasive replacement of a valve. The system includes a collapsible valve and anchoring structure, devices and methods for expanding the valve anchoring structure, adhesive means to seal the valve to the surrounding tissue, a catheter-based valve sizing and delivery ...

David S Keppel: Circuit for controlling arc energy from an electrosurgical generator. Sherwood Services, May 16, 2006: US07044948 (234 worldwide citation)

A circuit is disclosed which minimizes the amount of tissue vaporized during a first half (positive half cycle) of an electrosurgical current cycle and minimizes the amount of current applied to tissue during a second half (negative half cycle) of the electrosurgical current cycle to control thermal ...

William Wimsatt: Home automation contextual user interface. CorAccess Systems, Stuart T Langley, Kent A Lembke, Hogan & Hartson L, May 16, 2006: US07047092 (210 worldwide citation)

A user interface having a plurality of user interface elements including: background, passive elements such as frames and borders, information display elements that present information from application software operating on the control unit, and control elements that cause application software opera ...

KaiLi Jiang, Shoushan Fan, QunQing Li: Method for fabricating carbon nanotube yarn. Tsinghua University, Hon Hai Precision, Wei Te Chung, May 16, 2006: US07045108 (194 worldwide citation)

A method of fabricating a long carbon nanotube yarn includes the following steps: (1) providing a flat and smooth substrate; (2) depositing a catalyst on the substrate; (3) positioning the substrate with the catalyst in a furnace; (4) heating the furnace to a predetermined temperature; (5) supplying ...

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