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An endoscopic forceps for treating tissue includes a housing having a shaft affixed thereto which has first and second jaw members attached to a distal end thereof. The forceps also includes an actuator for moving jaw members relative to one another from a first position wherein the jaw members are ...

Pervan Darko, Hakansson Niclas, Nygren Per: A set of floor panels. Vaelinge Innovation, April 26, 2006: EP1650375-A1 (97 worldwide citation)

Floor panels (1, 1') are shown, which are provided with a mechanical locking system consisting of a flexible tongue (30) in a sliding groove (40) which during a vertical folding motion is displaced. Moreover, a tongue blank (50), a production method and an installation method are shown.

Cho Seung Hwan: Apparatus and method for automatically changing communication mode in mobile video communication terminal. Samsung Electronics, April 26, 2006: EP1650938-A1 (85 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a system and a method which automatically change a communication mode in a mobile communication terminal. The system includes a detection part for detecting a state of the mobile communication terminal. It is determined if the mobile communication terminal is in the open state, an ear-m ...

Kinsella James, Sollott Steven: Microtubule stabilizing agents for treating atherosclerosis or restenosis. Us Health, April 26, 2006: EP1649853-A2 (42 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a method of preventing or reducing atherosclerosis or restenosis, and a pharmaceutical preparation used therefore. In particular, it is a method of preventing or reducing atherosclerosis or restenosis after arterial injury by treatment with a low dose of a microtubule stabil ...

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A refill port for an implantable device with integral refill instrument placement detection includes a pierceable septum (30) and a detector (38). The pierceable septum is disposed on the refill port for admitting a refill instrument has a first outer surface (46) at least a portion of which is expo ...

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This invention relates to the field of electric power generation by direct transformation of the chemical energy of gaseous fuel to electric power by means of high-temperature solid oxide fuel cells. The invention can be used for the fabrication of miniaturized thin filmed oxygen sensors, in electro ...

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A gesture recognition engine and method provides for recognition of gestures comprising movement of an object. Input data is received related to a succession of positions, velocities, accelerations and/or orientations of the at least one object, as a function of time, which input defines a trajector ...

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A system and a method for recovery of carbon dioxide in exhaust gas, wherein a liquid absorbent (116) jetted from a liquid absorbent jetting part (101) comes into gas-liquid contact with exhaust gas (114) flowing through a packing (102) from the lower side to the upper side to absorb the carbon diox ...

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An apparatus for synchronizing pilots contained in symbols received by a receiver in a multicarrier transmission system and a method thereof are provided. Frequency or Time-frequency correlation-based scheme, with exploitation of time-frequency correlation characteristics of the pilots, may be used ...