Bahman Qawami
Robert C Chang, Bahman Qawami, Farshid Sabet Sharghi: Maintaining an average erase count in a non-volatile storage system. SanDisk Corporation, Anderson Levine & Lintel, April 25, 2006: US07035967 (51 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus for maintaining an average erase count in a system memory of a non-volatile memory system are disclosed. According to one aspect of the present invention, a method for determining an average number of times each block of a number of blocks within a non-volatile memory of a memo ...

Karen Buechler
Alan W Weimer, Jaimee K Dahl, Allan A Lewandowski, Carl Bingham, Karen J Raska Buechler, Willy Grothe: Solar-thermal fluid-wall reaction processing. Regents of the University of Colorado, Midwest Research Institute, Greenlee Winner and Sullivan P C, April 25, 2006: US07033570 (57 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a method for carrying out high temperature thermal dissociation reactions requiring rapid-heating and short residence times using solar energy. In particular, the present invention provides a method for carrying out high temperature thermal reactions such as dissociati ...

Durga Malladi
Serge Willenegger, Durga P Malladi, Josef J Blanz: Method and apparatus for reducing inter-channel interference in a wireless communication system employing a non-periodic interleaver. Qualcomm Incorporated, Philip Wadsworth, Thien Nguyen, Kam Tam, April 25, 2006: US07035284 (30 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus for reducing interference in a wireless communication system when the source of interference is a deterministic component of the system. In one embodiment, the receiver weights the transmitters according to when the source of interference is transmitted. Further, the transmitter ...

Michael P Whitman, John E Burbank, David A Zeichner: Electro-mechanical surgical device. Power Medical Interventions, Donald R Piper Jr, Dann Dorfman Herrell & Skillman, April 25, 2006: US07032798 (591 worldwide citation)

A surgical device includes a housing and a hollow shaft extending from the housing. The hollow shaft includes one or more drive shafts disposed within the hollow shaft. Each drive shaft is detachably coupled to a surgical instrument and is operable to control moving parts on the surgical instrument. ...

Frank J Viola, David Ivanko: Surgical stapling apparatus and method. Tyco Healthcare Group, April 25, 2006: US07032799 (502 worldwide citation)

The present disclosure is directed to staple-gap adjustment members for use in surgical stapling apparatus and methods. A gap adjustment member includes one or more bearing portions sharing a common rotational axis and one or more cam surface portions having a periphery with at least two different p ...

John Crescenti, Srinivas Kavuri, David Alan Oshinsky, Anand Prahlad: Modular backup and retrieval system used in conjunction with a storage area network. CommVault Systems, Brown Raysman Millstein Felder & Steiner, April 25, 2006: US07035880 (479 worldwide citation)

A modular computer storage system and method is provided for managing and directing data archiving functions. A client component is associated with one or more client devices for generating archival request. A file processor directs one or more storage devices, through one or more media components, ...

Scott T Latterell, Douglas S Wahnschaffe: Bipolar electrosurgical instrument for cutting desiccating and sealing tissue. Gyrus Medical, Thomas J Nikolai, Nikolai & Mersereau P A, April 25, 2006: US07033356 (456 worldwide citation)

Electrosurgical forceps are described that have jaws capable of being closed relative to one another, the jaws each supporting electrode structures especially shaped to enhance the ability of the instrument to desiccate/seal or cut tissue structures clamped between the opposed jaws. One of the oppos ...

Charles J Cohen, Glenn Beach, Brook Cavell, Gene Foulk, Charles J Jacobus, Jay Obermark, George Paul: Behavior recognition system. Cybernet Systems Corporation, Gifford Krass Groh Sprinkle Anderson & Citkowski PC, April 25, 2006: US07036094 (308 worldwide citation)

A system for recognizing various human and creature motion gaits and behaviors is presented. These behaviors are defined as combinations of “gestures” identified on various parts of a body in motion. For example, the leg gestures generated when a person runs are different than when a person walks. T ...

James H Silver: Implantable sensor. Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, April 25, 2006: US07033322 (287 worldwide citation)

A sensor is disclosed, for implantation within a blood vessel to monitor an analyte in blood. In one embodiment, the analyte is glucose. A signal indicative of glucose level is transmitted to an external receiver. The signal may also be used to drive an internal or externally worn insulin pump. Meth ...

Luc Julia, Adam Cheyer: Using a community of distributed electronic agents to support a highly mobile, ambient computing environment. SRI International Offices, Perkins Coie, April 25, 2006: US07036128 (248 worldwide citation)

A highly mobile, ambient computing environment is disclosed for serving a knowledge worker away from the their desk. The present invention allows a knowledge worker to get increased leverage from personal, networked, and interactive computing devices while in their car, airplane seat, or in a confer ...

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