James Kraemer Ph.D.
Chow Tony H, Friedlander Robert R, Khan Anwer M, Kraemer James R: Methods, systems for hierarchical organization of data associated with medical events in databases. Ibm, yu jing li zheng, April 5, 2006: CN200510079822

Methods of organizing medical data can include hierarchically relating a single type of medical or research event to medical data generated from the single type of medical or research event in a computer database environment. Organizing the data in this way may enable a researcher to access medical ...

Lastinger Roc, Spenik John, Woodbury Brian C: Methods and apparatus for high throughput multiple radio wireless cells and networks. Rotani, April 5, 2006: EP1642468-A2 (131 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus for high throughput wireless cells and networks are described. The wireless cells may be equipped with multiple radios. Antennas may be arranged into overlapping and non-overlapping patterns. Channels may be assigned to foster servicing clients, and inter-cell communication. At ...

Dycus Sean T, Kerr Duane E, Peterson Darion: Vessel sealer and divider having elongated knife stroke and safety for cutting mechanism. Sherwood Serv, April 5, 2006: EP1642543-A1 (129 worldwide citation)

An endoscopic bipolar forceps includes a housing and a shaft affixed to the housing. The shaft includes a longitudinal axis defined therethrough and a pair of jaw members attached to a distal end thereof. The forceps also includes a drive assembly for moving one of the jaw members relative to the ot ...

Hellrung Dirk Dr: Method for treating and/or cleaning floor coverings and floor coverings and/or cleaning apparatus for applying this method. Vorwerk Co Interholding, April 5, 2006: EP1642522-A2 (84 worldwide citation)

The cleaner (3) has a rotary brush (4) and wheels by which the cleaner is set to a clearance from a floor transmitter (11) or floor covering (8) for optimum performance by a sensor (9) which is able to react to floor indicators to determine the optimum clearance.

Nishio Akihiko, Matsumoto Atsushi: Radio communication apparatus and pilot symbol transmission method. Matsushita Electric, April 5, 2006: EP1643669-A1 (66 worldwide citation)

A radio communication apparatus is disclosed that enables the influence of the feedback information on the channel capacity to be kept to the minimum without reducing the transmission efficiency of information by transmission of pilot symbol. In the apparatus, a delay dispersion measuring section (2 ...

Feng Hongjun, Fazzlo R Shane, Ruby Richard, Bradley Paul: Improved q for fbar-type acoustic resonators. Agilent Technologies, April 5, 2006: GB2418791-A (65 worldwide citation)

In an FBAR resonator structure (FBAR) made of electrodes sandwiching a piezoelectric material, the intersection of the two conducting electrodes defines the active area of the acoustic resonator. To improve the Q of the resonator the active area is divided into concentric areas by a frame or annulus ...

Loehr Joachim, Petrovic Dragan, Seidel Eiko: Quality-of-service (qos)-aware scheduling for uplink transmissions on dedicated channels. Matsushita Electric, April 5, 2006: EP1643690-A1 (49 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a method for scheduling in a mobile communication system where data of priority flows is transmitted by mobile terminals via dedicated uplink channels to a base station. Each mobile terminal transmits at least data of one priority flow via one of the dedicated uplink channel ...

Koizumi Naoyuki, Shiraishi Akinori: Method of manufacturing a substrate with through electrodes. Shinko Electric Ind Co, April 5, 2006: EP1643819-A2 (42 worldwide citation)

A method of manufacturing a substrate with through electrodes of the present invention, includes the steps of forming a metal post (18a) over a temporal substrate (10) in a state that the metal post is peelable from the temporal substrate (10), placing a normal substrate (20) in which a through hole ...

Li Jin: A system and method for receiver driven streaming in a peer-to-peer network. Microsoft, April 5, 2006: EP1643716-A1 (40 worldwide citation)

A "PeerStreamer" provides receiver-driven peer-to-peer (P2P) media streaming for loosely coupled P2P networks. Peers in the network perform only simple operations, may cache all or part of the streaming media, do not collaborate with other peers, may be unreliable, and may drop offline or come onlin ...

Pickering Carl Anthony: Control system for a sliding roof and powered windows of a vehicle. Ford Global Tech, April 5, 2006: GB2418741-A (40 worldwide citation)

A control system for controlling the translation of a vehicle component, such as a powered window or sliding roof, includes two spaced apart sensors 3, 4 that each detect the proximity of a hand and produce an actuation signal. A control circuit produces a first output signal when actuation signals ...