Brian Goodall
Edmund Elce, Takashi Hirano, Jeffrey C Krotine Jr, Larry F Rhodes, Brian L Goodall, SaiKumar Jayaraman, W Chris McDougall, Shenliang Sun: Photosensitive compositions based on polycyclic polymers. Sumitomo Bakelite Company, The Webb Law Firm, April 4, 2006: US07022790 (14 worldwide citation)

A copolymer composition including a copolymer having repeat units of structural formula I: where X is selected from —CH2—, —CH2—CH2— and O; m is an integer from 0 to 5; and each occurrence of R1–R4 are independently selected from H; C1 to C25 linear, branched, and cyclic alkyl, aryl, aralkyl, alkary ...


Daniel Scott Jorgenson: System and method for maintaining consistent independent server-side state among collaborating servers. Hewlett Packard Development Company, April 4, 2006: US07024451 (537 worldwide citation)

A system and method are provided for maintaining consistent server-side state across a pool of collaborating servers with independent state repositories. When a client performs an event on a collaborating server which affects such state on the server, it publishes notification of the event into a qu ...

H Lewis Wolfgang, Weimin Fang: System for protecting the transmission of live data streams, and upon reception, for reconstructing the live data streams and recording them into files. Kencast, Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto, April 4, 2006: US07024609 (521 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a system for (1) protecting the transmission of packet streams between a host computer and one or more client computers, and (2) upon reception, (a) reconstructing any outage damage caused during the transmission to the packet streams, and (b) digitally recording the ...

Ammar Al Ali, Divya S Breed, Jerome J Novak, Massi E Kiani: Pulse oximetry data confidence indicator. Masimo Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, April 4, 2006: US07024233 (467 worldwide citation)

According to some embodiments of the present invention, a display is used to show a signal from a physiological sensor as well as an indication of the signal's quality. While this indication of the signal's quality may be provided in a number of ways, it is preferably provided by changing a color on ...

Ronald J Lebel, Varaz Shahmirian, Sam W Bowman IV, Robert C Dennard, John T Armstrong, John D Richert: Ambulatory medical apparatus and method using a robust communication protocol. Medtronic Minimed, Foley & Lardner, April 4, 2006: US07024245 (407 worldwide citation)

An implanted medical device (e.g. infusion pump) and external device communicate with one another via telemetry wherein messages are transmitted under a robust communication protocol. The communication protocol gives enhanced assurance concerning the integrity of messages that impact medical operati ...

Wai Wu, Toby Heller, Steven M Hoffberg: Telephony control system with intelligent call routing. Milde & Hoffberg, April 4, 2006: US07023979 (383 worldwide citation)

A communications management system comprising an input for receiving a communications classification; a database of skill weights with respect to the communications classification; a database of agent skill scores; and a processor, for computing, with respect to the received communication classifica ...

James Kelly Fox, Garry M Steil, Kerstin Rebrin, Mark C Estes, Frank Saidara: System for monitoring physiological characteristics. Medtronic MiniMed, Gates & Cooper, April 4, 2006: US07022072 (372 worldwide citation)

Apparatuses and methods for medical monitoring physiological characteristics values such as blood glucose levels for the treatment of diabetes, are presented. The apparatuses and methods provide dynamic glucose monitoring functions that perform predictive analysis to anticipate harmful conditions, s ...

Russell Ford, Matthew J Lesho, Russell O Potts, Michael J Tierney, Charles W Wei: Formulation and manipulation of databases of analyte and associated values. Animas Technologies, RatnerPrestia, April 4, 2006: US07024236 (352 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to methods of formulating analyte data databases, the databases themselves, and methods of manipulating the same. In one aspect the present invention includes the formulation of analyte data points, derived data, and data attributes databases comprising data points coll ...

Avl Penner, Eyal Doron: Systems and methods for communicating with implantable devices. Remon Medical Technologies, Bingham McCutchen, April 4, 2006: US07024248 (317 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for communicating with an implant within a patient's body using acoustic telemetry includes an external communications device attachable to the patient's skin. The device includes an acoustic transducer for transmitting acoustic signals into the patient's body and/or for receivin ...

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