Su Chao Yuan, Tsao Pei Haw, Huang Chen Der: Package structure, fabrication method thereof and method of electrically connecting a plurality of semiconductor chips in a vertical stack. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, April 1, 2006: TW200611305 (16 worldwide citation)

A package structure includes a first semiconductor chip carried by a first electrically non-conductive substrate. The first substrate has plural contacts on an upper surface thereof. Plural conductive spheres are on each of the plural contacts of the first substrate. A layer of non-conductive materi ...

Hansen Christopher James: Transmitting high rate data within a mimo wlan. Broadcom Corporation, April 1, 2006: TW200611519 (16 worldwide citation)

A method for transmitting high rate data within a multiple input multiple output (MIMO) wireless local area network (WLAN) begins by determining a data transmission rate. The method continues by, when the data transmission rate is between a first data rate and a second data rate, enabling two transm ...




Manning H Montgomery, Graettinger Thomas M, Pontoh Marsela: Semiconductor constructions, and methods of forming capacitor devices. Micron Technology, April 1, 2006: TWI252511 (9 worldwide citation)

The invention includes semiconductor constructions, and also includes methods of forming pluralities of capacitor devices. An exemplary method of the invention includes forming conductive storage node material within openings in an insulative material to form conductive containers. A retaining struc ...


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