Robert Senzig Robert Senzig
David M Hoffman, James LeBlanc, John Tkaczyk, Robert F Senzig, Yanfeng Du: Direct conversion energy discriminating CT detector with over-ranging correction. Ziolkowski Patent Solutions Group, March 16, 2006: US20060056581-A1

A CT detector capable of energy discrimination and direct conversion is disclosed. The detector includes multiple layers of semiconductor material with the layers having varying thicknesses. The detector is constructed to be segmented in the x-ray penetration direction so as to optimize count rate p ...

Guoxiao Guo Guoxiao Guo
Wai Ee Wong, Guoxiao Guo, Abdullah Al Mamun, Weichun Ye, Jingliang Zhang: Detection of track misregistration within user data channel. Agency for Science Technology and Research, Haynes and Boone, March 7, 2006: US07009805 (16 worldwide citation)

A method for computing position error signal information of a transducer in a data storage system provides for different readback signals between adjacent tracks. The method involves a computation to obtain coarse position information from the servo bursts signals for track seeking and a computation ...

James Kraemer Ph.D.
Robert R Friedlander, James R Kraemer: Methods, systems, computer program products and data structures for hierarchical organization of data associated with security events. International Business Machines Corporation, Elizabeth A Stanek, Myers Bigel Sibley & Sajovec PA, March 30, 2006: US20060070127-A1

Methods, data structures, systems and computer program products are provided for organizing security data. A triggering security event is hierarchically related to at least one additional security event based on a possible relationship between the triggering security event and the at least one addit ...

James Kraemer Ph.D.
Tony H Chow, Robert R Friedlander, Anwer M Khan, James R Kraemer: Methods, systems, computer program products and data structures for hierarchical organization of data associated with medical events in databases. International Business Machines Corporation, Elizabeth A Stanek, Myers Bigel Sibley & Sajovec PA, March 30, 2006: US20060069514-A1

Methods of organizing medical data can include hierarchically relating a single type of medical or research event to medical data generated from the single type of medical or research event in a computer database environment. Organizing the data in this way may enable a researcher to access medical ...

Jens Nagel
Carlos I McEvilly, Jens Nagel, Heiko K Sacher, Rudy Schusteritsch, Marie White: System and process for transforming a style of a message. Motorola, Law Offices Of Charles W Bethards, March 30, 2006: US20060069728-A1

Systems and processes are provided for transforming a style of a message. A processor is configured to facilitate determining a message (111) to be transmitted. Further, the message processor can facilitate selecting one or more styles responsive to a determination of a context (113) associated with ...

Erwin Meinders
Wilderbeek Johannes, Balistreri Marcello, Vsn Der Mark Martinus, Meinders Erwin, Busch Christopher: Multi-stack information carrier with electrochromic materials. Koninkl Philips Electronics, wang yue chen jingjun, March 29, 2006: CN200480005354

The invention relates to an information carrier for scanning information by means of an optical beam having a wavelength. The information carrier comprises at least two information stacks. Each stack comprises a counter electrode (13, 17), an electrolyte layer (12, 16) and an information layer (11, ...

Erwin Meinders
Meinders Erwin R, Mijiritskii Andrei: Method for recording information on a record carrier, a record carrier and a recording device. Koninklijke Philips Electronics, March 27, 2006: KR1020057024188

A record carrier comprises two layers that react with each other when irradiated to form a mark on the record carrier. The two layers are separated by a third layer that prevents direct contact of the two layers thus providing stability to the record carrier. By irradiating the third layer a region ...

Stéphane Bilodeau
Henry Brunelle, Stéphane Baron, Marc Beland, Henri Veyrie, Patrick Lemay, Stéphane Bilodeau: Therapeutic shower enclosure. Gestion Ultra Internationale, Ogilvy Renault, Guy J Houle, March 21, 2006: US07013504 (12 worldwide citation)

A top wall assembly to convert a shower enclosure into a therapeutic shower enclosure. The top wall assembly has an air blower in communication with one or more air return orifices in the top wall. An air distribution channel is in communication with the air blower and at least one air injecting ori ...

Bo Liu, Zhimin Yuan: Method and implementation of in-situ absolute head medium spacing measurement. Agency for Science Technology and Research, Martine Penilla & Gencarella, March 21, 2006: US07016131 (46 worldwide citation)

In a method based on readback signal for in-situ measuring of absolute head-medium spacing, a pre-encoded pattern in the magnetic medium on a disk has at least two harmonics with amplitudes such that a linear function of the logarithmic ratio of the spacing loss-term is formed in relation to testing ...

Robert Senzig
Robert F Senzig, Hui David He: Multimode imaging system for generating high quality images. General Electric Company, Carl B Horton Esq, Armstrong Teasdale, March 21, 2006: US07016457 (12 worldwide citation)

The present invention, in one form, is a multimode imaging system which, in one embodiment, includes a substantially C-shaped arm movably coupled to a movable base to reduce difficulty of scanning an object. A source assembly having a x-ray source and a detector assembly having a detector are movabl ...