Lim Chang Gyu: Cool air breaker having frame and outer cover for letting user sleep conveniently by isolating head and shoulder from cool air during winter. Lim Chang Gyu, March 31, 2006: KR1020060020825 (1 worldwide citation)

PURPOSE: A cool air breaker(Jambo) is provided to let a user sleep conveniently by inserting an upper part of a body over a breast into a cool air breaker, and protect a user from cool air during winter by isolating a head and a shoulder from a cool air. CONSTITUTION: The cool air breaker includes a ...

Seo Hun, Jeong Tae Hee: Recording medium and a recording/reproducing method, particularly concerned in being capable of recording/reproducing information in blue and red bands. LG Electronics, March 31, 2006: KR1020060017160 (1 worldwide citation)

PURPOSE: A recording medium and a recording/reproducing method are provided to be capable of recording/reproducing each information in red wavelength and blue wavelength bands on an optical disk, thus mutual compatibility in the two wavelength bands is available, and the recording density can be rem ...

Lee Kwang Ho: Weight loss chair shaking and warming up body for letting user lose weight by dissolving body fat accumulated under skin. Chung Gi Medical Instruments, March 31, 2006: KR1020050087069 (1 worldwide citation)

PURPOSE: Provided is a weight loss chair shaking and warming up body to let a user lose weight by dissolving the body fat as warming up the back, shaking the hip, applying low frequency to the upper and lower abdomen, and the left and right thigh. CONSTITUTION: The weight loss chair comprises a dire ...

Hyun Deok Soo, Yoon Mi Ja: Method for servicing position information of a poc terminal, particularly capable of notifying other subscriber, connected to a poc service, of position information of a terminal which does not have a gps function. Pantech, March 31, 2006: KR1020050001554 (1 worldwide citation)

PURPOSE: A method for servicing position information of a PoC(Push to talk Over Cellular) terminal is provided to allow a base station that relays a registration request message through an SIP(Session Initiation Protocol) to send self position information to an MSS(Multimedia Session control System) ...




Luu Phuong Van, Awofeso Anthony O, Yardley Craig D, Yeh Kang Chang, Janda Bruce W: Anti-microbial hand towel with time-delay chromatic transfer indicator and absorbency rate delay. Georgia Pacific Consumer Prod, March 31, 2006: EP2007363-A2

A disposable paper towel with an anti-microbial lotion and is provided with a chromatic transfer indicator which undergoes a delayed, visually perceptible color change at a predetermined time after the towel is wetted. An anti-microbial lotion on the towel increases water absorbency times (WAR) to f ...

Suh Dong Shin: Cornering skid preventive steering system for obtaining maximum stop friction force between wheels and ground. Suh Dong Shin, March 31, 2006: KR1020060026129

PURPOSE: A cornering skid preventive steering system is provided to maintain maximum friction force of wheels against ground when a vehicle is driven in corners. CONSTITUTION: Two pairs of knuckle arms are installed in a pair of rear wheels(121,137). A tie rod(147) rotated by link pins(123,145,139,1 ...

Ichikawa Nobushige, Nakamura Kentaro: Work-vehicle cabin stacking air conditioning unit having front outlets at both sides of heater. Kubota Corporation, March 31, 2006: KR1020060025316

PURPOSE: A work-vehicle cabin stacking an air conditioning unit is provided to secure an increased inner space without enlarging the cabin and achieve an air conditioning structure of reduced leakage. CONSTITUTION: A work-vehicle cabin stacking an air conditioning unit(A) consists of a ceiling part ...