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An element with a thread is created, in which both partial flanks enclose a negative angle with a plane extending perpendicular to the screw axis. Further, a screw or a hook for connecting to a rod, as used in particular in spinal column surgery, is created, wherein the inner thread of a holder, to ...

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A network usage monitoring module is provided for monitoring network usage at a network access point, i.e. network traffic aggregation point, typically at a gateway device or a similar network interface device. As such, the network usage monitoring module can monitor the usage of a number of network ...

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Implants, instruments and methods for bone fusion procedures are disclosed. In some embodiments, the implants are particularly advantageous for use between opposing vertebral bodies to facilitate stabilization or arthrodesis of an intervertebral joint. The implants include, at least, a support compo ...

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This invention relates to prosthetic cardiac and venous valves and a single catheter device and minimally invasive techniques for percutaneous and transluminal valvuloplasty and prosthetic valve implantation.

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The present invention is directed toward a pulse oximetry system for the determination of a physiological parameter capable of removing motion artifacts from physiological signals comprises a hardware subsystem and a software subsystem. The software subsystem is used in conjunction with the hardware ...

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An external mixer assembly is provided which externally mixes and delivers a first and a second component of a biological adhesive to tissues or organs for sealing wounds, stopping bleeding and the like. The first and second components are mixed immediately after exiting from separate outlet ports d ...

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A system and method for distributing digital media assets to a plurality of users. A portal is provided comprising at least one server computer. The portal executes a media library database server application that manages access a master library of media assets that can be accessed by users via one ...

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This disclosure describes several video watermarking and fingerprinting enhancements. These enhancements include synchronizing watermark detectors with one-dimensional calibration signals, layering digital watermarks, watermarks for version control, compressed domain watermarking, watermarking of vi ...

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Systems and methods for providing user logon and state-less authentication are described in a distributed processing environment. Upon an attempted access by a user to an online resource, transaction, or record, a logon component asks the user to supply a logon ID and a password. The logon component ...

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Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, for interacting with a user to define business rules in a declarative manner. The invention operates to display a rule set as an editable list of conditions and an editable list of actions, the conditions and actions being linked to each ot ...