Dana Gronbeck
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Methods for depositing uniform, pinhole-defect free organic polysilica coatings are provided. These methods allow for the use of these materials as spin-on cap layers in the manufacture of integrated circuits.

Ganesh Sundaram
Thomas Eric Ryle, Ganesh Sundaram, Hitesh Amin, Vikram Devdas, John Diab, Fuchun Jiang, Charles Allen Carriker Jr, Marc Alan Bennett: Method and system for emulating a Fiber Channel link over a SONET/SDH path. Cisco Technology, Aka Chan, March 28, 2006: US07020814 (17 worldwide citation)

A method and system for emulating an Fibre Channel link over a SONET transport path by which Fibre Channel data is transported across the SONET/SDH transport path. To provide link integrity, techniques to handle link failures from a Fibre Channel element to its associated Fibre Channel port, or of t ...

Durga Malladi
Francesco Grilli, Durga P Malladi: Method and system for communicating content on a broadcast services communication system. Qualcomm Incorporated, Philip R Wadsworth, Thien T Nguyen, Donald C Kordich, March 28, 2006: US07020109 (17 worldwide citation)

An outer decoder and an inner decoder encode a block of information to be transmitted, to improve protection by adding redundancy. The redundancy permits decoding of the information from less than a complete encoded block of information. Time re-alignment of two transmissions of the same content fro ...

Jacques Seguin, Georg Börtlein: Prosthetic valve for transluminal delivery. CoreValve, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, March 28, 2006: US07018406 (664 worldwide citation)

A prosthetic valve assembly for use in replacing a deficient native valve comprises a replacement valve supported on an expandable valve support. If desired, one or more anchor may be used. The valve support, which entirely supports the valve annulus, valve leaflets, and valve commissure points, is ...

John M Stivoric, Scott K Boehmke, Eric Teller, Christopher D Kasabach: Apparatus for detecting human physiological and contextual information. BodyMedia, Metz Lewis, Barry I Friedman, March 28, 2006: US07020508 (608 worldwide citation)

A detecting apparatus includes a housing support section(s), a housing removably attached thereto, one or more sensors and a processor. An alternate apparatus measures heat flux and includes a known resistivity base member, a processing unit and two temperature measuring devices, one in thermal comm ...

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The Wireless Integrated Network Sensor Next Generation (WINS NG) nodes provide distributed network and Internet access to sensors, controls, and processors that are deeply embedded in equipment, facilities, and the environment. The WINS NG network is a new monitoring and control capability for appli ...

Jian Chen, Chi Ming Wang: Variable programming of non-volatile memory. Sandisk Corporation, Vierra Magen Marcus Harmon & DeNiro, March 28, 2006: US07020017 (391 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods in accordance with various embodiments can provide for reduced program disturb in non-volatile semiconductor memory. In one embodiment, select memory cells such as those connected to a last word line of a NAND string are programmed using one or more program verify levels or volta ...

David A Chen, Piyush Patel: Method and apparatus for providing internet content to SMS-based wireless devices. Openwave Systems, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, March 28, 2006: US07020685 (386 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for providing hypermedia content maintained remotely on a network to a wireless device without a browser are described. A Short Message Service (SMS) request for Internet-based content is received from the wireless device at a proxy server, via an SMS Center (SMSC). The SMS re ...

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An execution architecture, a development architecture and an operations architecture for a netcentric computing system. The execution architecture contains common, run-time services required when an application executes in the netcentric computing system. The development architecture is the producti ...

William F McKay: Expandable spinal fusion device and methods of promoting spinal fusion. SDGI Holdings, Woodard Emhardt Moriarty McNett & Henry, March 28, 2006: US07018415 (309 worldwide citation)

An intervertebral disc space implant includes spaced-apart bone engagement portions that define an intermediate chamber that holds bone growth inducing material into contact with adjacent vertebral bodies. The implant is expandable to establish and maintain desired intervertebral spacing during fusi ...