Taki Kazuya: Inductance element, radio tag circuit element, tagged tape roll, and manufacturing method of inductance element. Brother, March 23, 2006: JP2006-080367 (123 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an inductance element capable of obtaining a sufficiently large inductance value without increasing the size thereof, a radio tag circuit element using it, a tagged tape roll, and a manufacturing method of the inductance element.SOLUTION: A coil (the inductance eleme ...

Imogai Hassan Julien, Duvey Guillaume Albert Jacques, Cid Núñez José Maria, Lütjens Robert Johannes, Le, Poul Emmanuel Christian: Novel thieno-pyridine and thieno-pyrimidine derivatives and their use as positive allosteric modulators of mglur2-receptors. Janssen Pharmaceutica, Addex Pharmaceuticals, Imogai Hassan Julien, Duvey Guillaume Albert Jacques, Cid Núñez José Maria, Lütjens Robert Johannes, Le, Poul Emmanuel Christian, CAMPBELL Neil, March 23, 2006: WO/2006/030031 (122 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to novel compounds, in particular novel thieno-pyridine and thieno-pyrimidine derivatives according to Formula (I), wherein all radicals are defined in the application. The compounds according to the invention are positive allosteric modulators of metabotropic receptors ...

Deshmukh Ajay, Marsot Travis, Schumann Matt, Alden Don: Methods and apparatus for an improved sample capture and analysis device. Pelikan Technologies, Deshmukh Ajay, Marsot Travis, Schumann Matt, Alden Don, TUNG Hao Y, March 23, 2006: WO/2006/031920 (98 worldwide citation)

In one embodiment according to the present invention, a device is provided comprising a cartridge having a plurality of cavities. The device may include a plurality of penetrating members at least partially contained in the cavities of the single cartridge wherein the penetrating members are slidabl ...


Machado Andre, Rezai Ali: Intraluminal electrode assembly. The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Machado Andre, Rezai Ali, ALI Zeba, March 23, 2006: WO/2006/031899 (80 worldwide citation)

A minimally invasive intraluminal electrode assembly that includes a cannulated tube and a plurality of wires disposed within the cannulated tube. Each of the plurality of wires has one of a plurality of electrical contacts on a distal end thereof. The distal portion of the plurality of wires assume ...

Jovanovich Stevan Bogdan, Blaga Luliu Loan, Rank David: Microfluidic devices. Microchip Biotechnologies, Jovanovich Stevan Bogdan, Blaga Luliu Loan, Rank David, KOSSLAK Renee, March 23, 2006: WO/2006/032044 (65 worldwide citation)

Methods and devices for the interfacing of microchips to various types of modules are disclosed. The technology disclosed can be used as sample preparation and analysis systems for various applications, such asDNA sequencing and genotyping, proteomics, pathogen detection, diagnostics and biodefense.

Mizutani Takeyuki: (Ja) 露光用基板、露光方法及びデバイス製造方法, (En) Substrate for exposure, exposure method and device manufacturing method. Nikon Corporation, Mizutani Takeyuki, SHIGA Masatake, March 23, 2006: WO/2006/030910 (60 worldwide citation)

(EN) A substrate for exposure prevents interference with a substrate holder at the time of being loaded onto the substrate holder and prevents a liquid from entering into a rear plane side after being loaded. The substrate (P) is a substrate to be exposed by irradiation of exposure light through the ...

Kawakubo Masaharu: (Ja) 補正方法及び露光装置, (En) Correction method and exposure device. Nikon Corporation, Kawakubo Masaharu, TATEISHI Atsuji, March 23, 2006: WO/2006/030727 (60 worldwide citation)

(EN) In step 602, the grid of a wafer supplied is approximated by, for example, up to third degree of function fitting. In step 612, a residual error between the position of the sample shot area by the function and an actual position is compared to a predetermined threshold value and according to th ...

Rutfors Tomas, Von, Arbin Axel: Antenna device and portable radio communication device comprising such an antenna device. Amc Centurion, Rutfors Tomas, Von, Arbin Axel, HASSELGREN Joakim, March 23, 2006: WO/2006/031170 (60 worldwide citation)

The present invention comprises an antenna device for a portable radio communication device operable in at least a first and a second frequency band. The antenna device comprises a first electrically conductive radiating element having a feeding portion connectable to a feed device (RF) of the radio ...

Grinstaff Mark W, Carnahan Michael A: Dendritic polymers, crosslinked gels, and their uses as ophthalmic sealants and lenses. Hyperbranch Medical Technology, Grinstaff Mark W, Carnahan Michael A, GORDON Dana M et al, March 23, 2006: WO/2006/031358 (48 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides compositions and methods for sealing a wound and preparing a lens. The methods of the invention utilize dendritic macromolecules formed by treating a dendritic compound with light or a linking compound. In certain instances, the dendritic compounds have a lysine-, cyst ...