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In a method based on readback signal for in-situ measuring of absolute head-medium spacing, a pre-encoded pattern in the magnetic medium on a disk has at least two harmonics with amplitudes such that a linear function of the logarithmic ratio of the spacing loss-term is formed in relation to testing ...

Stéphane Bilodeau
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A top wall assembly to convert a shower enclosure into a therapeutic shower enclosure. The top wall assembly has an air blower in communication with one or more air return orifices in the top wall. An air distribution channel is in communication with the air blower and at least one air injecting ori ...

Robert Senzig
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The present invention, in one form, is a multimode imaging system which, in one embodiment, includes a substantially C-shaped arm movably coupled to a movable base to reduce difficulty of scanning an object. A source assembly having a x-ray source and a detector assembly having a detector are movabl ...

Durga Malladi
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An outer decoder and an inner decoder encode a block of information to be transmitted, to improve protection by adding redundancy. The redundancy permits decoding of the information from less than a complete encoded block of information. Time re-alignment of two transmissions of the same content fro ...

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Compositions that can be used in semiconductor manufacturing processes, comprising perhydro-polysilazane having a weight average molecular weight of about 300 to about 3,000 and a polydispersity index of about 1.8 to about 3.0 are provided. Solutions comprising the compositions of the present invent ...

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A coordinate input device detects coordinates of a position by indicating a screen of a display device with fingers of one hand, and transfers information of the detected coordinates to a computer through a controller. The computer receives an operation that complies with the detected coordinates, a ...

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The present invention relates to systems and methods for generating and/or modulating illumination conditions to generate high-quality light of a desired and controllable color, for creating lighting fixtures for producing light in desirable and reproducible colors, and for modifying the color tempe ...

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A power supply rail controller operates on an analog component having a signal input, a power input and a signal output. A voltage controller provides a control output responsive to the signal output. A power supply generates a voltage for the power input, where the voltage is responsive to the cont ...

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An identification method and process for objects from digitally captured images thereof that uses image characteristics to identify an object from a plurality of objects in a database. The image is broken down into parameters such as a Shape Comparison, Grayscale Comparison, Wavelet Comparison, and ...

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The present invention relates generally to a non-invasive method and apparatus for measuring a fluid analyte, particularly relating to glucose or alcohol contained in blood or tissue, utilizing spectroscopic methods. More particularly, the method and apparatus incorporate means for detecting and qua ...