Robert Senzig Robert Senzig
David M Hoffman, James LeBlanc, John Tkaczyk, Robert F Senzig, Yanfeng Du: Direct conversion energy discriminating CT detector with over-ranging correction. Ziolkowski Patent Solutions Group, March 16, 2006: US20060056581-A1

A CT detector capable of energy discrimination and direct conversion is disclosed. The detector includes multiple layers of semiconductor material with the layers having varying thicknesses. The detector is constructed to be segmented in the x-ray penetration direction so as to optimize count rate p ...

Erwin Meinders
Meinders Erwin R: Replication of a high-density relief structure. Koninklijke Philips Electronics, Meinders Erwin R, UITTENBOGAARD Frank, March 16, 2006: WO/2006/027732 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a method for manufacturing a reverse mold (2, 4) for replicating a high-density relief structure (1), to such a reverse mold (2, 4) and to a method for replicating of such a high-density relief structure (1). To provide an improved and reliable method for the best possible r ...

Eric First, M.D.
First Eric R: Use of a botulinum toxin for treating a buttock deformity. Allergan, First Eric R, DONOVAN Stephen, March 16, 2006: WO/2006/029287

Methods for treating a buttock deformity or for preventing development of a buttock deformity by local administration of a Clostridial toxin, such as a botulinum neurotoxin, to a buttock deformity or to the vicinity of a buttock deformity.

Eric First, M.D.
First Eric R: Stretch mark treatment with botulinum toxic. Allergan, First Eric R, DONOVAN Stephen, March 16, 2006: WO/2006/028724

Methods for treating stretch marks by local administration of a Clostridial toxin, such as a botulinum toxin, to a patient with a stretch mark.

Dr Raj C Thiagarajan ATOA Scientific Technologies
Chaudhari Tansen D, Thiagarajan Chinniah, Theethira Poovanna K, Shuler Stephen, Jaarda Eric J: Energy absorbing article. General Electric Co &Lt Ge&Gt, March 16, 2006: JP2006-071093

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an energy absorbing system capable of reducing weight and volume and having better resistance property to deformation and higher collision impact energy absorbing property than currently available energy absorbing systems to meet today's rigorous safety standards whi ...



Jose Ferreira
Neuman George, Ferreira Jose, Lemmer Jean Marc: (s) And corresponding method. Guardian, Centre Luxembourgeois de Recherches Pour Le Verre Et La Ceramique, Neuman George, Ferreira Jose, Lemmer Jean Marc, RHOA Joseph A, March 16, 2006: WO/2006/029073 (8 worldwide citation)

A coated article is provided with a low-emissivity (low-E) layer stack for use in a window unit or the like. The layer stack, or coating, may permit the coated article to achieve one or more of a low solar factor (SF) value, a high selectivity (Tvis /SF) value, substantially neutral color at normal ...

Maricela Morales
Gerald B Wayton, Peter Trefonas, Min Ho Jung: Coating compositions for use with an overcoated photoresist. Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, Edwards & Angell, March 16, 2006: US20060057491-A1

Compositions (particularly antireflective coating compositions or “ARCs”) are provided that can reduce reflection of exposing radiation from a substrate back into an overcoated photoresist layer and/or function as a planarizing or via-fill layer. More particularly, the invention relates to organic c ...

Kuhns Jesse James, D Arcangelo Michele, Bilotti Federico, Longo Antonio: Surgical stapling instrument. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Kuhns Jesse James, D Arcangelo Michele, Bilotti Federico, Longo Antonio, BOTH Georg, March 16, 2006: WO/2006/027014 (322 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling instrument (1) comprises a staple fastening assembly (2) including a curved cartridge device (10) and a curved anvil (12). The cartridge device (10) comprises at least one curved open row of staples which are formed by a staple forming face of the anvil (12). The anvil (12) can b ...