Craig Allen
Craig Allen Kukuk: Multi-functional law enforcement tool. Craig Kukuk, February 28, 2006: US07004597 (13 worldwide citation)

The invention is a multifunctional law enforcement tool, which preferably includes several of the tools needed by law enforcement and security personnel. In one embodiment the multifunctional tool comprising an extendable baton, flashlight, stun gun, glass breaker, and deterrent spray canister and I ...

Robert Senzig
Fazle Ali, Jiang Hsieh, Robert F Senzig, Steven C Davis, Shawn P Faessler: Computed tomography fluoroscopy system. General Electric Company, Carl B Horton Esq, Armstrong Teasdale, February 28, 2006: US07006592 (8 worldwide citation)

A CT Fluoro system which, in one embodiment, includes an integrated controller, image reconstruction algorithms for increasing the speed of image display, and an enhanced image display, is described. The integrated controller enables the radiologist to maintain control of the system throughout the f ...

Marcos Laraia
Jose Marcos Laraia, Masahisa Niwa, Robert P Moehrke, Jose G Taveira: Reactive sensor modules using Pade Approximant based compensation and providing module-sourced excitation. AMI Semiconductor, Matsushita Electric Works, MacPherson Kwok Chen & Heid, Gideon Gimlan, February 28, 2006: US07006938 (30 worldwide citation)

Reactive sensors typically exhibit nonlinear response to temperature variation. Systems and methods are disclosed for compensating for the nonlinear and/or temperature dependent behavior of reactive sensors and for calibrating the post-compensation output signals relative to known samples of the phy ...

Eugene Fitzgerald
Minjoo L Lee, Eugene A Fitzgerald: Method for improving hole mobility enhancement in strained silicon p-type MOSFETS. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Gauthier & Connors, February 28, 2006: US07005668

A method of forming a MOSFET device is provided. The method includes providing a substrate. The method includes forming on the substrate a relaxed SiGe layer having a Ge content between 0.51 and 0.80. Furthermore, the method includes depositing on the relaxed SiGe layer a ε-Si layer.

Steven Hoffberg, Linda Hoffberg Borghesani: Media recording device with remote graphic user interface. Milde & Hoffberg, February 28, 2006: US07006881 (568 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for processing digital media signals, comprising a digital processor for controlling the apparatus; a graphic user interface, having a wireless remote control providing a command input to the processor; a network interface for transmitting digital information from the processor to a rem ...

Jeffrey Charles Hawkins, Robert Yuj Haitani: Method and apparatus for accessing a contacts database and telephone services. Palm, Fenwick & West, February 28, 2006: US07007239 (475 worldwide citation)

Sophisticated computer-enhanced mobile telephones require intuitive user interfaces in order to allow a user to take advantage of all the available features. The present invention discloses an intuitive telephone system user interface that provides both simple familiar and new powerful user interfac ...

Andrew D Weller, Rodney K Blank, Kenneth L Schierbeek, Kenneth Schofield, Niall R Lynam, Troy O Cooprider: Interior rearview mirror system with compass. Donnelly Corporation, Van Dyke Gardner Linn & Burkhart, February 28, 2006: US07004593 (361 worldwide citation)

An interior rearview mirror system includes a compass system and a display. The compass system is operable to display information indicative of a directional heading of the vehicle to a driver of the vehicle. The display comprises a plurality of ports formed in a reflective coating of a mirror refle ...

Martha A McMahon, Robert L Bingle: Vehicle imaging system. Donnelly Corporation, Van Dyke Gardner Linn & Burkhart, February 28, 2006: US07005974 (359 worldwide citation)

A vehicle imaging system includes an imaging sensor having a field of view exterior of a vehicle, an image processor and a display. The imaging sensor generates a signal indicative of an image representative of a scene occurring within the field of view. The image processor receives the signal from ...

Thomas A Boynton, Teryl Blane Sanders, Keith Patrick Heaton, Kenneth William Hunt, Mark Stephen James Beard, David M Tumey, L Tab Randolph: Negative pressure assisted tissue treatment system. KCI Licensing, February 28, 2006: US07004915 (291 worldwide citation)

A system for stimulating the healing of tissue comprises a porous pad positioned within a wound cavity, and an airtight dressing secured over the pad, so as to provide an airtight seal to the wound cavity. A proximal end of a conduit is connectable to the dressing. A distal end of the conduit is con ...

Matthias Stiene, Tanja Richter, Jerome McAleer, Elliot Plotkin, Manuel Alvarez Icaza, John Allen: Device for measuring blood coagulation and method thereof. Lifescan Scotland, February 28, 2006: US07005857 (280 worldwide citation)

A device and method for measuring clotting times in a fluid, typically blood, within a microchannel, with the onset of clotting being determined by measurement of the rate of change, or the value, of capacitance or impedance between two electrodes situated on either side of the microchannel. The dev ...