Maged Beshai
Maged E Beshai: IP address resolution methods and apparatus. Nortel Networks, Ridout & Maybee, February 7, 2006: US06996559 (11 worldwide citation)

The expanding IP data networks require address resolution mechanisms that are fast and able to handle a vast number of addresses. Novel fast address resolution mechanisms with a large address directory are described. The address resolution mechanisms make use of a compound indexing-searching techniq ...

Ammar Al Ali, Divya S Breed, Jerome J Novak, Massi E Kiani: Pulse oximetry data confidence indicator. Masimo Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, February 7, 2006: US06996427 (510 worldwide citation)

A data confidence indicator includes a plurality of physiological data and a plurality of signal quality measures derived from a physiological sensor output, and a plurality of comparator outputs each responsive to one of the measures and a corresponding one of a plurality of thresholds. An alert tr ...

Scott Manzo: Robotic tool with monopolar electro-surgical scissors. Intuitive Surgical, Townsend and Townsend, February 7, 2006: US06994708 (302 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides robotic surgical instruments and systems that include electrosurgical cutting/shearing tools and methods of performing a robotic surgical procedure. The surgical instruments can advantageously be used in robotically controlled minimally invasive surgical operations. A ...

F Thomson Leighton, Anne E Lewin legal representative: HTML delivery from edge-of-network servers in a content delivery network (CDN). Akamai Technologies, David H Judson, February 7, 2006: US06996616 (245 worldwide citation)

A content delivery network is enhanced to provide for delivery of cacheable markup language content files such as HTML. To support HTML delivery, the content provider provides the CDNSP with an association of the content provider's domain name (e.g., www.customer.com) to an origin server domain name ...

Alan G Ellman, Jon C Garito: Intelligent selection system for electrosurgical instrument. February 7, 2006: US06994707 (226 worldwide citation)

An intelligent selection system for operating an electrosurgical instrument for use by a surgeon that depends primarily on the surgical procedure to be employed. The operating mode as well as other operating parameters can be controlled by the handpiece chosen by the surgeon to perform the procedure ...

Curtis R Richardson: Protective membrane for touch screen device. Otter Products, Cochran Freund & Young, William W Cochran, February 7, 2006: US06995976 (208 worldwide citation)

A protective membrane is disclosed for an electronic device that has a touch screen. The touch screen is protected with a membrane adapted to the specific contour and profile of the electronic device and allows the user to use the touch screen interface with no shortcomings. The protective case is f ...

Arun Majumdar, Ali Shakouri, Timothy D Sands, Peidong Yang, Samuel S Mao, Richard E Russo, Henning Feick, Eicke R Weber, Hannes Kind, Michael Huang, Haoquan Yan, Yiying Wu, Rong Fan: Methods of fabricating nanostructures and nanowires and devices fabricated therefrom. The Regents of the University of California, John P O Banion, February 7, 2006: US06996147 (204 worldwide citation)

One-dimensional nanostructures having uniform diameters of less than approximately 200 nm. These inventive nanostructures, which we refer to as “nanowires”, include single-crystalline homostructures as well as heterostructures of at least two single-crystalline materials having different chemical co ...

Scott Lee Wellington, Harold J Vinegar, Eric Pierre de Rouffignac, Ilya Emil Berchenko, George Leo Stegemeier, Etuan Zhang, Gordon Thomas Shahin Jr, Thomas David Fowler, Robert Charles Ryan: In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation to produce hydrocarbons having a selected carbon number range. Shell Oil Company, February 7, 2006: US06994160 (201 worldwide citation)

A hydrocarbon containing formation may be treated using an in situ thermal process. A mixture of hydrocarbons, H2, and/or other formation fluids may be produced from the formation. Heat may be applied to the formation to raise a temperature of a portion of the formation to a pyrolysis temperature. A ...

Etuan Zhang, Ilya Emil Berchenko, Eric Pierre de Rouffignac, Thomas David Fowler, Kevin Albert Maher, Robert Charles Ryan, Gordon Thomas Shahin Jr, George Leo Stegemeier, Harold J Vinegar, Scott Lee Wellington: In situ thermal processing of an oil shale formation with a selected property. Shell Oil Company, February 7, 2006: US06994169 (191 worldwide citation)

An oil shale formation may be treated using an in situ thermal process. A mixture of hydrocarbons, H2, and/or other formation fluids may be produced from the formation. Heat may be applied to the formation to raise a temperature of a portion of the formation to a desired temperature. In some embodim ...

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