Dr Raj C Thiagarajan ATOA Scientific Technologies Dr Raj C Thiagarajan ATOA Scientific Technologies
Chaudhari Tansen Dhanahjay Gok, Theethira Poovanna Kushalappa, Jaarda Eric Jon, Thiagarajan Chinniah, Shuler Stephen: Energy absorbing articles. Gen Electric, January 4, 2006: EP1612108-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

An article comprises a plurality of auxetic structures (10) wherein the auxetic structures are of size greater than about 1mm. The article also comprises at least one cell boundary (20) that is structurally coupled (22,24) to the auxetic structures. The cell boundary is configured to resist a deform ...

Craig Allen
Michael A Laskaris, Allen Craig: Compressed air foam pumping system. Hale Products, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld L, January 31, 2006: US06991041 (24 worldwide citation)

A compressed air foam system for use in extinguishing fire includes a conduit, a water flow sensor, a foam proportioning apparatus, an air conduit, an air flow sensor, an air flow control valve and a system controller. The water flow sensor is configured to sense a water flow rate through the condui ...

Eb Eshun
Douglas D Coolbaugh, John M Cotte, Ebenezer E Eshun, Kenneth J Stein, Kunal Vaed, Richard P Volant: Damascene integration scheme for developing metal-insulator-metal capacitors. International Business Machines Corporation, DeLio & Peterson, January 31, 2006: US06992344 (9 worldwide citation)

The invention is directed to unique high-surface area BEOL capacitor structures with high-k dielectric layers and methods for fabricating the same. These high-surface area BEOL capacitor structures may be used in analog and mixed signal applications. The capacitor is formed within a trench with pede ...

Jennifer Petoff
Raymond Gerard Hamilton, Morris Christopher Wills, Kirk Harold Moyer, Jennifer Lynn Petoff, Joseph Robert Adamo: Processes for preparing multimodal polymer particle compositions. Rohm and Haas Company, Marcella M Bodner, Paul S Chirgott, January 24, 2006: US06989410 (2 worldwide citation)

A multimodal polymer particle composition containing two or more populations of polymer particles having a total rubbery weight fraction of less than 90 weight percent is provided. Also disclosed is a process for preparing multimodal polymer particle compositions that can be dried to a powder. Multi ...

Chris Christenson
Rick L Tabor, Patricio Jimenez Jr, Wayne R Wilkomm, Ralph D Priester Jr, Marty C Cornell, Chris P Christenson, Kimberly F Bennett, Peder E Danielsen, Jeffery D Zawisza: Method of manufacturing a filament formed reinforcement member and a run flat tire support therewith. The Dow Chemical Company, Locke Liddell & Sapp, January 24, 2006: US06989065 (2 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a unitary run flat tire (RFT) reinforcement using filament material that is formed into a relatively rigid shape. The reinforcement is insertable into a mold for an RFT support and can maintain the needed structural rigidity for such insertion. Further, the invention p ...

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Belgacem Haba, David B Tuckerman, Glenn Urbish, Masud Beroz, Ilyas Mohammed: Chip handling methods and apparatus. Tessera, Tessera, LERNER DAVID et al, January 19, 2006: US20060013680-A1

An array of chips spaced apart from one another by chip spacing distances, as, for example, an array of chips on a wafer dicing tape is juxtaposed with an array of chip receiving elements spaced apart from one another by receiving element spacing distances different from the chip spacing distances, ...

Erwin Meinders
Meinders Erwin R, Mijiritskii Andrei: Method for multilevel recording information on a record carrier, a record carrier and a recording device. Koninklijke Philips Electronics, Meinders Erwin R, Mijiritskii Andrei, UITTENBOGAARD Frank, January 19, 2006: WO/2006/006088

A record carrier comprises three layers that react with each other when irradiated to form a mark on the record carrier. The three layers are separated by a two separating layers that prevent direct contact of the three layers thus providing stability to the record carrier. By irradiating one or bot ...

Erwin Meinders
Erwin Rinaldo Meinders, Hubert Cecile Francois Martens: Recordable optical record carrier comprising two sub-grooves. Koninklijke Philips Electronics, Philips Intellectual Property & Standards, January 19, 2006: US20060013112-A1

The present invention relates to a recordable optical record carrier comprising an information layer (3) of a recording material for forming marks and lands representing an information, a substrate layer (2) carrying said information layer (3) and a cover layer (5) covering said information layer (3 ...