Klaus Hafemann
Hafemann Klaus: Brush attachment for hand-held hot air blower. Wik Elektro Hausgerate Vertriebsgesellschaft Mbh & Co Produktions Kg, January 11, 2006: TWI246891

A brush attachment includes a coupling section attachable on a hand-held hot air blower, a brush section having a bristle holder mounted axially through and rotatable relative to an outer housing part and bristle configurations movably mounted to the bristle holder and adapted to retract within and ...

Lowing Paul Howard, Bono Michelle Del: Vacuum wound dressings. Ethicon, January 11, 2006: GB2415908-A (55 worldwide citation)

A wound dressing 1 for vacuum therapy comprising: a cover 2 configured for placement over the wound to provide a sealed environment around the wound and adapted for communication with a source of vacuum 6, and a screen structure 7 for placement between the cover and the wound, wherein the screen str ...

Clinch Colin, Aeschlimann Marcel, Torriani Laurent, Mock Elmar: Method for joining two objects and corresponding joining element. Woodwelding, January 11, 2006: EP1614525-A1 (51 worldwide citation)

A first and a second object (1 and 2) are joined with the aid of a joining element (8) comprising at least in the region of its distal and proximal end (8.1 and 8.2) a thermoplastic material. Two blind holes (5 and 6) facing each other are provided in the two objects (1 and 2) and the joining elemen ...



Brisco David Paul: Apparatus for radially expanding and plastically deforming a tubular member. Enventure Global Technology, January 11, 2006: GB2415983-A (47 worldwide citation)

An apparatus (10) for radially expanding and plastically defoming a tubular member (26) with a support member (14), tubular support (12), expansion cone (18), support (20), sliding valve (34), tubular (32), one way poppet valve (30), and shoe (28) in a wellbore (36) at a formation (38) of interest.

Watson Brock Wayne, Brisco David Paul: Collapsible expansion cone. Enventure Global Technology, January 11, 2006: GB2415979-A (45 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for radially expanding and plastically deforming an expandable tubular (66, fig 10a) comprises a tubular support member 12, a collapsible expansion cone 44 coupled to the tubular support member 12 and an expandable tubular (66, fig 10a) coupled to the collapsible expansion cone 44. Mean ...

Fu Runbo, Zhao Wen, Jin Xin: Method and apparatus for creating a communication group using an address book. Res In Motion, January 11, 2006: EP1615455-A1 (40 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for creating a communication group using an electronic address book to facilitate Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) group communication sessions are disclosed. A group definition for determining members of the new PoC Group is composed from one or more contacts from the electro ...

Ikenaga Shigenobu, Okada Keiji, Takayasu Hiroshi, Inoue Norihide, Hirota Naritoshi, Kaneyoshi Hiromu, Funaya Munehito, Kawai Koji, Kawahara Nobuo, Kojoh Shinichi, Kashiwa Norio, Mori Ryoji: Propylene copolymer, polypropylene composition, use thereof, transition metal compounds, and catalysts for olefin polymerization. Mitsui Chemicals, January 11, 2006: EP1614699-A1 (36 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a propylene/1-butene random copolymer (PBR) having excellent flexibility, impact resistance, heat resistance and low-temperature heat-seal properties, a polypropylene composition containg the copolymer, a sheet, film or stretched film comprising the composition and a c ...

Wilson Andrew D, Summer Chen Christina, Robbins Daniel C, Horvitz Eric J, Wobbrock Jacob O, Dehlin Joel P, Hinckley Kenneth P: Recognizing gestures and using gestures for interacting with software applications. Microsoft, January 11, 2006: EP1615109-A2 (28 worldwide citation)

An interactive display table has a display surface for displaying images and upon or adjacent to which various objects, including a user's hand(s) and finger(s) can be detected. A video camera within the interactive display table responds to infrared (IR) light reflected from the objects to detect a ...