Mackey Bob Lee: One layer capacitive sensing apparatus having varying width sensing elements. Synaptics Incorporated, Mackey Bob Lee, GALLENSON Mavis S, December 22, 2005: WO/2005/121940 (35 worldwide citation)

One embodiment in accordance with the invention includes a two- dimensional capacitive sensor apparatus. The two-dimensional capacitive sensor can include a first sensing element having varying width, a second sensing element having varying width, and a third sensing element having varying width. Ad ...

Nishio Akihiko: (Ja) 通信端末装置、基地局装置及び無線通信システム, (En) Communication terminal device, base station device, and radio communication system. Matsushita Electric Industrial, Nishio Akihiko, WASHIDA Kimihito, December 22, 2005: WO/2005/122616 (34 worldwide citation)

(EN) There is disclosed a communication terminal device capable of eliminating collision of access request signals simultaneously transmitted from communication terminal devices in a local cell, preventing generation of interference signal in another cell adjacent to the local cell, and improving th ...

Johnson Karl F, Chen Xi, Taudte Susann, Saribas Sami: Truncated galnact2 polypeptides and nucleic acids. Neose Technologies, Johnson Karl F, Chen Xi, Taudte Susann, Saribas Sami, KELLY Beth L, December 22, 2005: WO/2005/121331 (34 worldwide citation)

The present invention features compositions and methods related to truncated mutants of GalNAcT2. In particular, the invention features truncated human GalNAcT2 polypeptides. The invention also features nucleic acids encoding such truncated polypeptides, as well as vectors, host cells, expression sy ...

Larsen Peter Halvor, Mogensen Mogens Bjerg, Linderoth Søren, Hansen Kent Kammer, Wang Weiguo: Solid oxide fuel cell. Risoe National Laboratory, Larsen Peter Halvor, Mogensen Mogens Bjerg, Linderoth Søren, Hansen Kent Kammer, Wang Weiguo, GOLDBACH Klara, December 22, 2005: WO/2005/122300 (31 worldwide citation)

SOFC cell comprising a metallic support 1 ending in a substantially pure electron conducting oxide, an active anode layer 2 consisting of doped ceria, ScYSZ, Ni-Fe alloy, an electrolyte layer 3 consisting of co-doped zirconia based on oxygen ionic conductor, an active cathode layer 5 and a layer of ...

Fish David A: Active matrix display devices. Koninklijke Philips Electronics, Fish David A, WILLIAMSON Paul L, December 22, 2005: WO/2005/122121 (31 worldwide citation)

An active matrix display device has an array of display pixels, each pixel comprising a current-driven light emitting display element (2), a drive transistor (22) for driving a current through the display element and pixel circuitry including an optical feedback element (38), for controlling the dri ...

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Apparatuses and methods for medical monitoring physiological characteristic values such as blood glucose levels for the treatment of diabetes, are presented. The apparatuses and methods provide for preventing any negative consequence in the operation of a monitor and/or infusion device as a result o ...

Klapproth Michael Caldwell, Tseng Chi Ping: Fungicidal mixtures of amidinylphenyl compounds. Ei Dupont de Nemours And Company, Klapproth Michael Caldwell, Tseng Chi Ping, HEISER David E, December 22, 2005: WO/2005/120234 (30 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are fungicidal mixtures, compositions and methods for controlling plant diseases relating to combinations comprising (a) at least one compound selected from phenylamidines of Formula I, N-oxides, and agriculturally suitable salts thereof (I) wherein A is C3alkylene, optionally substituted ...

Myrman Mattias: Securing dose quality of inhalable drug. Mederio, Myrman Mattias, AROS PATENT, December 22, 2005: WO/2005/120616 (29 worldwide citation)

A method and a device for making a metered dry powder medication dose, enclosed in a dose container, accessible for inhalation with a minimum of exposure to ambient atmosphere. The invention relates to a single dose inhaler, which is provided with a movable inhaler member, a so called slide, which h ...

Nielsen Sari, Jokinen Harri: Improving intersystem cell reselection from geran to utran. Nokia Corporation, Nokia, Nielsen Sari, Jokinen Harri, MAGUIRE Francis J, December 22, 2005: WO/2005/122621 (28 worldwide citation)

This invention describes a method for a cell reselection by a mobile station from a serving GERAN cell supported by a GSM/EDGE (global system for mobile communications/enhanced data rates for GSM evolution) radio access network (GERAN) to a UTRAN cell supported by a universal terrestrial radio acces ...

Kung Pei Pei: Ether-linked heteroaryl compounds. Pfizer, Kung Pei Pei, FULLER Grover F Jr, December 22, 2005: WO/2005/121125 (28 worldwide citation)

Compounds of formula (I) are disclosed, as well as methods for synthesizing such compounds and methods of their use. Preferred compounds of formula (I) are potent inhibitors of c-MET/HGFR useful in the treatment of a variety of HGFR-mediated disorders, including cancers.