Xavier Baie
Doris Bruce B, Chidambarrao Dureseti, Baie Xavier, Mandelman Jack A, Sadana Devendra K: Field effect transistor with stressed channel and method for making same. International Business Machines Corporation, December 21, 2005: TWI246180

Field effect transistor with increased charge carrier mobility due to stress in the current channel 22. The stress is in the direction of current flow (longitudinal). In PFET devices, the stress is compressive; in NFET devices, the stress is tensile. The stress is created by a compressive film 34 in ...


Rivera Carlos, Smith Kevin W, Bales Thomas O, Sixto Jr Robert, Kortenbach Juergen A, Arp Scott: Clip ejector for endoscopic clip applier. Ethicon Endo Surgery, December 21, 2005: EP1607050-A1 (338 worldwide citation)

A flexible endoscopic clip applier includes a flexible coil with a manual actuator coupled to one end and a jaw assembly coupled to the other end. A store of clips is arranged adjacent to the jaw assembly and a clip pusher is arranged adjacent to the store of clips. The actuator includes a lever for ...

Li Hui Dr, Lott Matthias, Schulz Egon Dr: Method for radio communication and radio communication system with radio relay stations in a zig-zag-arrangement. Siemens, December 21, 2005: EP1608110-A1 (138 worldwide citation)

Approximating to a first straight line (G1), relay radiotelephone stations (R1-R4) are given uneven numbers regarding their position as messages are forwarded. A first radiotelephone station (AP) and relay radiotelephone stations with even numbers regarding their position during message-forwarding a ...

Tandai Tomoya, Adachi Tomoko, Nakajima Tetsu, Utsunomiya Yoriko, Nishibayashi Yasuyuki, Takagi Masahiro, Takeda Daisuke, Sato Kazumi: Improving channel ulilization efficiency in a wireless communication system comprising high-throughput terminals and legacy terminals. Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co, December 21, 2005: EP1608108-A1 (86 worldwide citation)

A wireless communication method of a wireless communication system having a wireless base station (1), wireless terminal stations (2) belonging to a first group which is capable of performing wireless communication while sharing a plurality of different frequency channels, and wireless terminal stat ...

Beith Jason Gordon: Valve. Aortech Internat, December 21, 2005: EP1605871-A1 (61 worldwide citation)

There is provided an artificial cardiac or heart valve (8), more particularly a flexible leaflet heart valve used to replace natural aortic or pulmonary valves of the heart in which the leaflet (30) geometry is defined by a parabolic function and a method of manufacturing said artificial cardiac val ...


Farnham Timothy David: A proxy device for changing the data format and/or transmission parameters of communications between mobile end user terminals. Toshiba Res Europ, December 21, 2005: GB2415335-A (40 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to scheduling, compression and transcoding of data content for mobile terminals with limited resources, and provides a method of transferring information or content to or from a terminal dependent on a number of its parameters such as its battery level, processing resou ...

Suzuki Sadakatsu, Ozaki Hiroyuki, Horii Masatoshi, Ueki Satoshi, Imanishi Kunihiko, Wakabayashi Hideaki: Method for producing modified polyolefin solution. Tonen Sekiyukagaku, December 21, 2005: EP1607415-A1 (33 worldwide citation)

A method for producing a modified polyolefin solution, which can reduce polymer loss, solvent loss and further number of steps, and thus has excellent productivity and economic efficiency in a series of steps, wherein an alpha -olefin is polymerized to obtain a polyolefin, followed by modification w ...

Mori Toshihiro, Kawata Hirohiko, Yuta Shinichi: Light wave distance measuring apparatus. Hokuyo Automatic Co, December 21, 2005: EP1607767-A1 (32 worldwide citation)

A reference electrical signal oscillated by the main oscillator (11) has two kinds of frequencies (f1, f2) which are different from each other and any one of which is alternatively selected, a sampling signal is synchronized with the reference electrical signal once every n times, and a frequency (f ...