Ohkawa Narumi: Semiconductor device, process for producing the same and imaging device. Fujitsu, December 14, 2005: EP1605509-A1 (73 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor device including a pixel region in which one or more pixels are formed and a DRAM cell region in which one or more DRAM cells for storing output signals from the pixels are formed, characterized in that the layers constituting the pixel region and the DRAM cell region are formed in t ...

Iobbi Mario M: Minimally-invasive heart valve with cusp positioners. Edwards Lifesciences, December 14, 2005: EP1603493-A2 (65 worldwide citation)

A prosthetic heart valve having an internal support frame with a continuous, undulating leaflet frame defined therein. The leaflet frame has three cusp regions positioned at an inflow end intermediate three commissure regions positioned at an outflow end thereof. The leaflet frame may be cloth cover ...

Costa Scott: Protective compression and tension sleeves for threaded connections for radially expandable tubular members. Enventure Global Technology, December 14, 2005: GB2415003-A (48 worldwide citation)

A radially expandable multiple tubular member apparatus includes a first tubular member (110) and a second tubular member (128) engaged with the first tubular member forming a joint. A sleeve (116) overlaps and couples the first and second tubular members at the joint.