Guoxiao Guo Guoxiao Guo
Zhimin He, Guoxiao Guo, Hua Qian, EngHong Ong: Flexural pivot for rotary disc drive actuator. Seagate Technology, Derek J Berger, November 8, 2005: US06963472 (5 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides for a flexural pivot that can be fitted within a cavity of an actuator. The pivot includes a first member that can be coupled to the wall defining the cavity and a second member that can be mounted to the disc drive housing component of the disc drive. At least two lea ...




Eb Eshun
Ebenezer E Eshun, Steven H Voldman: High tolerance TCR balanced high current resistor for RF CMOS and RF SiGe BiCMOS applications and cadenced based hierarchical parameterized cell design kit with tunable TCR and ESD resistor ballasting feature. International Business Machines Corporation, Scully Scott Murphy & Presser, Anthony Canale, November 29, 2005: US06969903 (3 worldwide citation)

A resistor device structure and method of manufacture therefore, wherein the resistor device structure invention includes a plurality of alternating conductive film and insulative film layers, at least two of the conductive film layers being electrically connected in parallel to provide for high cur ...

Dr. Jill S. Becker
Roy G Gordon, Jill Becker, Dennis Hausmann, Seigi Suh: Vapor deposition of metal oxides, silicates and phosphates, and silicon dioxide. President and Fellows of Harvard College, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr, November 29, 2005: US06969539 (49 worldwide citation)

Metal silicates or phosphates are deposited on a heated substrate by the reaction of vapors of alkoxysilanols or alkylphosphates along with reactive metal amides, alkyls or alkoxides. For example, vapors of tris-(ter-butoxy)silanol react with vapors of tetrakis(ethylmethylamido)hafnium to deposit ha ...

Eb Eshun
Ebenezer E Eshun: Thin-film resistor and method of manufacturing the same. International Business Machines Corporation, Ibm Microelectronics, November 24, 2005: US20050258513-A1

The invention relates to integration of a thin-film resistor in a wiring level, such as, for example, an aluminum back-end-of-line (BEOL) technology. The thin-film resistor is formed in a wiring level on, for example, an upper surface of a dielectric layer. The thin-film resistor includes end portio ...


Benjamin Mattes
Adams Phillip N, Brown Lori A, Fadeev Andrei G, Mattes Benjamin R, Norris Ian D, Yang Dali: Spinning, doping, dedoping and redoping polyaniline fiber. Santa Fe Science &Amp Technology, guo xiaodong, November 23, 2005: CN03825356

A composition of matter suitable for spinning polyaniline fiber, a method for spinning electrically conductive polyaniline fiber, a method for exchanging dopants in polyaniline fibers, and methods for dedoping and redoping polyaniline fibers are described.

Erwin Meinders
Meinders Erwin R, Hellmig Joachim W, Langereis Gerardus R: Method for two dimensional control of mark size on an optical disc, write strategy for such a method, recording medium and recorder using two dimensional control of mark size. Koninklijke Philips Electronics, November 22, 2005: KR1020057016245

An optical recording method is disclosed for writing a two-dimensional data pattern in a phase-change disc, i.e. a optical disc with a phase change material. The effect of thermal cross- erase is used by using the sides of the diffraction limited laser spot to heat up the adjacent track such that pr ...