Goble Colin Charles Owen: Electrosurgical generator and system. Gyrus Medical, November 30, 2005: EP1599146-A2 (263 worldwide citation)

An electrosurgical system includes a generator (10) for generating radio frequency power, and an electrosurgical instrument (12) including at least three electrodes (2) (3) and (40). The generator includes a radio frequency output stage having at least a pair of RF output lines (60C), and a power su ...

Kavteladze Zaza Alexandrovich: Stent and stent retrieval system. Cook William Europ, Cook, November 30, 2005: EP1600121-A1 (73 worldwide citation)

A stent has an engagement member (9). A stent retrieval system has a tubular member (13) and a retrieval member (14) with an engagement means (15). The engagement member is attached to an end row of cells of the tubular stent body (1). The cells in one annular row of cells are interconnected with th ...

Fujii Hiromasa, Shen Jiyun, Asai Takahiro, Suda Hirohito: Transmitter and transmission control method. NTT Docomo, November 30, 2005: EP1601149-A2 (50 worldwide citation)

A transmitter has a peak reducing part carrying out peak reduction processing; an OFDM signal generating part generating an OFDM signal from an input information signal; a cyclic shifting part generating a signal obtained from cyclically shifting the OFDM signal; and an adding part adding the OFDM s ...

Watson Brock Wayne, Brisco David Paul: Collapsible expansion cone with cam actuated segments. Enventure Global Technology, November 30, 2005: GB2414493-A (48 worldwide citation)

A collapsible expansion cone assembly comprises an upper cam assembly 38, a lower cam assembly 40, and arrays of upper and lower expansion cone segments 44, 46. Each cam assembly includes a tubular base 38a, 40a and extending arms 38c, 40c defining inclined surfaces (38cbb, Fig 4a), (40cbb, Fig 3b). ...

Shaw Christopher: Real-time charging control for usage of network resources. Orange Personal Comm Serv, November 30, 2005: GB2414621-A (41 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a system for controlling communication between user terminals using a telecommunications network. The invention provides an interface between a real-time charging control system for controlling usage of network resources during such usage and a group communications control n ...

Hassler William L: Piezo electrically driven bellows infuser for hydraulically controlling an adjustable gastric band. Ethicon Endo Surgery, November 30, 2005: EP1600183-A1 (39 worldwide citation)

A remotely controlled gastric band system that is practically immune to external magnetic fields, such as from a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine, incorporates a bi-directional pump and fluid reservoir to adjust fluid volume in a gastric band. A piezoelectrically driven (e.g., rotary actuato ...

Iino Tomoharu, Hashimoto Noriaki, Nakashima Hiroshi, Takahashi Keiji, Nishimura Teruyuki, Eiki Jun Ichi: Heteroarylcarbamoylbenzene derivative. Banyu Pharma, November 30, 2005: EP1600442-A1 (38 worldwide citation)

Compounds having glucokinase activating effects and being useful as treatments for diabetes, which are represented by the following formula (I): Äwherein X represents oxygen, etc., X represents oxygen, etc., R represents a group on Ring A such as alkylsulfonyl, etc., R represents C3-7 cyclic alkyl o ...

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