Benjamin Mattes
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A composition of matter suitable for spinning polyaniline fiber, a method for spinning electrically conductive polyaniline fiber, a method for exchanging dopants in polyaniline fibers, and methods for dedoping and redoping polyaniline fibers are described.

Killion Douglas P, Lininger James R: Stent having variable properties. Boston Scient, November 23, 2005: EP1598031-A2 (88 worldwide citation)

A stent including a series of interconnected serpentine annular segments which are aligned to provide a tubular structure, the stent including regions having greater radial forces and regions having lesser radial outward forces, said regions of greater radially outward force having wider and shorter ...

Nagasaka Hiroyuki, Owa Soichi, Nishii Yasufumi: Exposure apparatus and method, and method of producing apparatus. Nippon Kogaku, November 23, 2005: EP1598855-A1 (61 worldwide citation)

An exposure apparatus EX exposes a substrate P by projecting an image of a predetermined pattern through a liquid 1 onto the substrate. The exposure apparatus includes a projection optical system which performs the projection, and a liquid supply mechanism 10 which supplies the liquid onto the subst ...

Kim Soeng Hun, Lee Kook Heul: Method and apparatus for scheduling enhanced uplink dedicated channels in a mobile communication system. Samsung Electronics, November 23, 2005: EP1599063-A1 (49 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method are provided for performing scheduling in a Node B for data transmission of a user equipment (UE) in a mobile communication system supporting an enhanced uplink dedicated channel (E-DCH). The Node B receives, from a radio network controller (RNC), scheduling assistance inform ...

Forsell Peter: Potencia Medical, November 23, 2005: EP1598030-A1 (49 worldwide citation)

A urinary incontinence treatment apparatus comprises a restriction device (56) implantable in a patient, for engaging the urethra or urine bladder to form a restricted urine passageway in the urethra or urine bladder. The restriction device is operable by an implantable operation device (60) to chan ...

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A dispensing apparatus 1 comprises a housing 4,5 containing a dosage counter which comprises at least two annular members 11,13 and a cog 12. The housing 4,5 receives, in use, a container of product 10. Each actuation of the apparatus causes a first annular member 11 to incrementally rotate which, a ...

Dewaele Piet: Method for automatically mapping of geometric objects in digital medical images. Agfa Gevaert, November 23, 2005: EP1598778-A1 (37 worldwide citation)

A method of mapping geometrical objects to a digital image. At least one anchor point in a model is selected and mapped to the digital image. A geometric transformation is computed on the basis of at least one correspondence between an anchor object and a corresponding mapped object, and the calcula ...

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A localization mechanism, or fixture, is used in conjunction with a breast coil for breast compression and for guiding a core biopsy instrument during prone biopsy procedures in both open and closed Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines. The localization fixture includes a three-dimensional Cart ...

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In an image display panel: in which at least one group of particles or liquid particles is sealed between opposed substrates, at least one of two substrates being transparent; in which the particles or the liquid powders, to which an electrostatic field is applied, are made to move so as to display ...