Garo Khanarian
Garo Khanarian, Yujian You, Robert H Gore, Angelo A Lamola: Porous optical materials. Shipley Company L L C, S Matthew Cairns, November 22, 2005: US06967222 (17 worldwide citation)

Methods of preparing porous optical materials are provided. These methods allow for the selection of the desired pore size and level of porosity in the porous optical material. Such methods utilize a preformed polymeric porogen.

Erwin Meinders
Meinders Erwin R, Hellmig Joachim W, Langereis Gerardus R: Method for two dimensional control of mark size on an optical disc, write strategy for such a method, recording medium and recorder using two dimensional control of mark size. Koninklijke Philips Electronics, November 22, 2005: KR1020057016245

An optical recording method is disclosed for writing a two-dimensional data pattern in a phase-change disc, i.e. a optical disc with a phase change material. The effect of thermal cross- erase is used by using the sides of the diffraction limited laser spot to heat up the adjacent track such that pr ...

Kees Schouhamer Immink
Kees A Schouhamer Immink: Method and apparatus for coding information, method and apparatus for decoding information, method of fabricating a recording medium, the recording medium and modulated signal. LG Electronics, Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch, November 22, 2005: US06967597

In the coding device and method, m-bit information words are converted into n-bit code words such that the coding rate m/n is greater than 2/3. The n-bit code words are divided into a first type and a second type, and into coding states of a first kind and a second kind such that an m-bit informatio ...

James Narvel: Soybean cultivar SN79525. Monsanto Technology L L C, Fulbright & Jaworski L, November 22, 2005: US06967263 (935 worldwide citation)

A novel soybean cultivar, designated SN79525, is disclosed. The invention relates to the seeds of soybean cultivar SN79525, to the plants of soybean SN79525 and to methods for producing a soybean plant produced by crossing the cultivar SN79525 with itself or another soybean variety. The invention fu ...

Coliin C O Goble: Electrosurgical generator and system. Gyrus Medical, Nixon & Vanderhye P C, November 22, 2005: US06966907 (490 worldwide citation)

An electrosurgical system includes a generator for generating radio frequency power, and an electrosurgical instrument including at least three electrodes and. The generator includes a radio frequency output stage having at least a pair of RF output lines, and a power supply coupled to the output st ...

Jean Pierre De Vries: Place specific buddy list services. Microsoft Corporation, Klarquist Sparkman, November 22, 2005: US06968179 (484 worldwide citation)

An information service provides search and notifications to inform when certain people (e.g., friends, family, business contacts, etc.) are nearby so as to facilitate communications with those people. Users may define lists of people whose locations may be tracked by positioning equipment based on p ...

Stephen J Brown: Networked system for interactive communication and remote monitoring of individuals. Health Hero Network, Morgan Lewis & Bockius, Craig P Opperman, November 22, 2005: US06968375 (416 worldwide citation)

A system for remotely monitoring an individual. The system includes a server system for generating a script program from a set of queries. The script program is executable by a remote apparatus that displays information and/or a set of queries to the individual through a user interface. Responses to ...

Srinivas Gutta, Eric Cohen Solal, Miroslav Trajkovic: Automatic system for monitoring person requiring care and his/her caretaker. Koninklijke Philips Electronics, Gregory L Thorne, November 22, 2005: US06968294 (371 worldwide citation)

A monitoring system for an infant, child, invalid, or other person requiring care uses computer vision and hearing, and inputs of other modalities, to analyze the status of a caretaker and/or cared-for person and its environment. The conditions are classified as normal or alarm conditions and an inf ...

Geoffrey A Landis: Charging of devices by microwave power beaming. NASA Glenn Research Center, November 22, 2005: US06967462 (362 worldwide citation)

A system for providing wireless, charging power and/or primary power to electronic/electrical devices is described whereby microwave energy is employed. Microwave energy is focused by a power transmitter comprising one or more adaptively-phased microwave array emitters onto a device to be charged. R ...

Stephen Ritland: Dynamic fixation device and method of use. Sheridan Ross P C, November 22, 2005: US06966910 (342 worldwide citation)

A dynamic fixation device is provided that allows the vertebrae to which it is attached to move in flexion within the normal physiological limits of motion, while also providing structural support that limits the amount of translation motion beyond normal physiological limits. The present invention ...