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A carrier for a semiconductor component is provided having passive components integrated in its substrate. The passive components include decoupling components, such as capacitors and resistors. A set of connections is integrated to provide a close electrical proximity to the supported components.


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A system for routing telephone calls from a calling party instrument to a called party instrument and involving at least one internet protocol network includes: (a) a first internet protocol interface apparatus effecting a first communicative coupling between the calling party instrument and the at ...

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A system and method for the creation and automatic deployment of personalized, dynamic and interactive voice services, including information derived from on-line analytical processing (OLAP) systems and other data repositories is disclosed. The system and method includes the ability to deploy person ...

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A light emitting diode illumination control system is disclosed for driving a current circuit for energizing one or more LED light sources. The system comprises a control system including a microprocessor arranged to control a pulse amplitude modulated (PAM) voltage controlled current circuit, and m ...

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Nanostructure manufacturing methods and methods for assembling nanostructures into functional elements such as junctions, arrays and devices are provided. Systems for practicing the methods are also provided.

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The invention concerns a reinforcing implant for tissue sutures used for mechanically reinforcing stitched tissue zones, and consisting of a textile lap based on polyuronic acid or one of its salts

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A method and apparatus for creating a virtual electrode to ablate bodily tissue. The apparatus includes an outer tube, a first electrode, an inner tube and a second electrode. The outer tube is fluidly connected to a source of conductive fluid and defines a proximal end and a distal end. The distal ...

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An open access signal distribution system in which a variety of wireless voice, data and other services and applications are supported. The open access system makes use of a distributed Radio Frequency (RF) distribution network and associated network entities that enable the system operator to emplo ...

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A method and apparatus for communicating files over a communications network in which links, such as hyperlinks, to files are logical in nature, rather than physical in nature, i.e., associated with a particular electronic address. An up-to-date replication directory is maintained on each server and ...