Bhesania Firdosh K, Aull Randall E: Generic usb drivers. Microsoft, November 2, 2005: EP1591891-A2 (75 worldwide citation)

Techniques are disclosed to provide generic USB drivers. More particularly, a generic USB device driver architecture is described which enables development through a user-mode USB library that accesses a generic kernel-mode driver. In a described implementation, a method includes loading a kernel-mo ...

Clarke Frank, Farrell Thomas: Improved packaging for stent delivery systems. Medtronic Vascular Connaught, November 2, 2005: EP1589902-A1 (59 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a method of packaging and a packaging system for treated stents (9) which minimise the level of exposure of the stents to oxygen, moisture and light. The package comprises two compartments (2, 3), the compartments (2, 3) being in communication with each other via a b ...

Suguro Toru, Kuramoto Koichi, Yamamoto Keitaro: An artificial knee joint. Nakashima Propeller, Suguro Toru, November 2, 2005: EP1591082-A2 (44 worldwide citation)

An artificial knee joint including a femoral component (1) and a tibial component (2) which are in relation of making relative rotation, in which the tibial component (2) has a post (13) that has an outwardly curving posterior surface and is disposed approximately in the longitudinal center between ...


Chaudruc Jean Marc, Colmar Michel Roland, de Cussac Jean Baptiste, Potaux Frederic, Pries Pierre, Wahab Hassan: Implant glénoidien pour prothèse totale dépaule inversée, et prothèse totale dépaule inversée le comprenant.. Calamel Serge, November 2, 2005: EP1591084-A1 (36 worldwide citation)

The implant has a support (2) comprising a shield (22) extending its lower edge (23) and designed to cover a pier (24) of a scapula at level of anchoring zone of long triceps tendon. The support has a rear side (11) and a front side (7) forming an angle between 5 to 15 degrees, tending to incline th ...



Delorme Daniel, Zhou Zhihong: Inhibitors of histone deacetylase. Methylgene, November 2, 2005: EP1590340-A1 (29 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to the inhibition of histone deacetylase. The invention provides compounds and methods for inhibiting histone deacetylase enzymatic activity. The invention also provides compositions and methods for treating cell proliferative diseases and conditions.


Kleinman Hynda K, Goldstein Allan L G Washington, Malinda Katherine, Sosne Gabriel: Thymosin beta 4 promotes wound repair. Us Government, November 2, 2005: EP1591128-A1 (29 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to methods for promoting tissue repair, angiogenesis and cell migration. The method of the invention utilizes thymosin beta 4 (T beta 4) peptide to promote tissue repair, angiogenesis and cell migration. The invention further relates to modulating T beta 4 activity in t ...