William H Eby, William K Rhodes: Soybean cultivar S010364. Stine Seed Farm, Monsanto Technology, Jondle & Associates P C, November 1, 2005: US06960707 (802 worldwide citation)

A novel soybean cultivar, designated S010364, is disclosed. The invention relates to the seeds of soybean cultivar S010364, to the plants of soybean S010364 and to methods for producing a soybean plant produced by crossing the cultivar S010364 with itself or another soybean variety. The invention fu ...

Frederick E Shelton IV, Michael Earl Setser: Surgical stapling instrument with multistroke firing incorporating an anti-backup mechanism. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Frost Brown Todd, November 1, 2005: US06959852 (638 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling and severing instrument particularly suited to endoscopic procedures incorporates a handle that produces separate closing and firing motions to actuate an end effector. In particular, the handle produces multiple firing strokes in order to reduce the required amount of force requ ...

Mohamed K Diab: Pulse and active pulse spectraphotometry. Masimo Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, November 1, 2005: US06961598 (429 worldwide citation)

A pulse and active pulse spectraphotometry system comprises a light source adapted to illuminate a tissue site with optical radiation having a plurality of wavelengths selected from at least one of a primary band and a secondary band. The tissue site has a modulated blood volume resulting from the p ...

Russell Heinrich: Surgical stapling device with tissue tensioner. Tyco Healthcare Group, November 1, 2005: US06959851 (392 worldwide citation)

A circular stapling device particularly suited for surgical treatment of internal hemorrhoids is provided. The stapling device includes a distal head portion having an anvil and a shell assembly. A tissue tensioner device including a tissue engagement member is movably positioned between the anvil a ...

J Christopher Flaherty, William Gorman, John Garibotto, Timothy Wood, Patick Gutelius: Transcutaneous fluid delivery system. Insulet Corporation, November 1, 2005: US06960192 (390 worldwide citation)

A device for delivering fluid to a person includes a reservoir for containing a fluid to be delivered to the person; a fluid transport device for dispensing fluid from the reservoir to the person, the fluid transport device including a proximal end in fluid communication with the reservoir and a dis ...

Richard C Ewers, Vahid Saadat: Shape lockable apparatus and method for advancing an instrument through unsupported anatomy. USGI Medical, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, November 1, 2005: US06960163 (359 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and methods are provided for placing and advancing a diagnostic or therapeutic instrument in a hollow body organ of a tortuous or unsupported anatomy, comprising a handle, an overtube disposed within a hydrophilic sheath, and a distal region having an atraumatic tip. The overtube may be re ...

Markus M Enzelberger, Jian Liu, Stephen R Quake: Nucleic acid amplification utilizing microfluidic devices. California Institute of Technology, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, November 1, 2005: US06960437 (296 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides microfluidic devices and methods using the same in various types of thermal cycling reactions. Certaom devices include a rotary microfluidic channel and a plurality of temperature regions at different locations along the rotary microfluidic channel at which temperature ...

Joseph A Marino, Michael P Corcoran: Hoop design for occlusion device. Cardia, Kinney & Lange P A, November 1, 2005: US06960220 (282 worldwide citation)

The present invention is an occlusion device having a support hoop. The support hoop increases the ability of the occlusion device to form a seal around the defect and adds additional structural strength to the device by allowing distribution of pressure along a 360° continuum.

David M Holbrook: Apparatus and method for organizing and/or presenting data. KoolTorch L L C, E Randall Smith, November 1, 2005: US06961731 (239 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and methods for organizing and/or presenting data includes displaying a graphical representation of categories for data elements, wherein the data elements appear within their respective categories. In some embodiments, search results from a search conducted in a hierarchical data set are ...

Daniel M Marks, Anthony M Singer, Howard M Marks: Slot machine game having a plurality of ways for a user to obtain payouts based on selection of one or more symbols (power pays). IGT, Bell Boyd & Lloyd, November 1, 2005: US06960133 (225 worldwide citation)

A method of playing a slot machine game in which a player wagers upon one or more symbols and then collect awards for combinations of two or more symbols wagered upon appearing in adjacent to each other in the symbol matrix. The slot machine game may also provide a symbol repositioning feature in wh ...

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