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A minimally-invasive analyte detecting device and method for using the same. The system and method employ a device having an active electrode optionally coated with a substance, and a counter-electrode that is configured at least partially surround the active electrode. The configuration of the auxi ...

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In a lithographic projection apparatus, a structure surrounds a space between the projection system and a substrate table of the lithographic projection apparatus. A gas seal is formed between said structure and the surface of said substrate to contain liquid in the space.

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Disclosed is a valve implanting device comprising a collapsible frame, inner and outer guide wires removably connected to the collapsible frame, and a plurality of valve flaps attached to the collapsible frame. The collapsible frame is inserted into a patient's femoral vein or artery, guided to a de ...

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A location is disclosed for wireless telecommunication infrastructures. The systems output requested locations of hand sets or mobile stations (MS) based on, e.g., AMPS, NAMPS, CDMA or TDMA communication standards. The system determines both local MS locations, and more global MS location requests v ...

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Assembly and method for measuring the concentration of an analyte in a biological matrix. The assembly includes an implantable optical-sensing element that comprises a body, and a membrane mounted on the body in a manner such that the membrane and the body define a cavity. The membrane is permeable ...

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A tissue closure treatment system and method are provided with an external patient interface. A first fluid transfer component FTC.1 comprises a strip of porous material, such as rayon, with liquid wicking properties. FTC.1 can be placed directly on a suture line for transferring fluid exuded theret ...

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A three dimensional monolithic memory comprising a memory cell allowing for increased density is disclosed. In the memory cell of the present invention, a bottom conductor preferably comprising tungsten is formed. Above the bottom conductor a semiconductor element preferably comprises two diode port ...

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An oil shale formation may be treated using an in situ thermal process. Heat may be provided to a portion of the formation from one or more heat sources having a horizontal orientation in the formation. Heat may be allowed to transfer from the heat sources to a section of the formation. Hydrocarbons ...

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A test kit for determining qualitatively or quantitatively the presence of one or more analytes in a fluid sample, comprising an assay device together with a reading device which engages with the assay device and wherein precisely located engagement of the assay device with the reading device is ess ...

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A protection layer covers the cavity-side surface of a bottom electrode of a interferometric modulation pixel. Consequently, the protective layer protects the surface of the bottom electrode while a sacrificial layer between the bottom electrode and the top electrode is being etched. Thus, the dista ...