Benjamin Mattes
Qi Baohua, Mattes Benjamin R: Resistive heating using polyaniline fiber. Santa Fe Science & Technology, September 28, 2005: EP1579730-A2

The use of conductive polyaniline fibers for resistive heating applications is described. Unlike metal wires and conductive-polymer coated fibers, under certain conditions, electric voltages or currents used to generate heat in the fibers were found to produce irreversible changes to the polymer bac ...


Erwin Meinders
Meinders Erwin R, Hellmig Joachim W: Method and apparatus for recording marks in a phase-change type information layer of a record carrier. Koninkl Philips Electronics, zou guangxin wang zhongzhong, September 28, 2005: CN03819254

The invention relates to a method of recording marks representing data (la) in a information layer of a record carrier by irradiating the information layer by means of a pulsed radiation beam, a mark being written by a sequence (lc) of one or more write pulses, said information layer having a phase ...

Harms Juergen, Matthis Wilfried, Biedermann Lutz: Enchoring element and dynamic stabilisation device for vertebral bodies or bones. Biedermann Motech, September 28, 2005: EP1579816-A1 (99 worldwide citation)

An anchoring element (1) comprises a receiving part (3) connected to a shaft (7) for receiving a rod-shaped element (21), and a fixation device for fixing the rod-shaped element in the receiving part. - An anchoring element comprises a receiving part connected to the shaft for receiving the rod-shap ...


Anand Prahlad, Ngo David, Lunde Norman T, Lixin Zhou, Avinash Kumar, May Andreas: System and method for managing stored data. Commvault Systems, September 28, 2005: EP1579331-A2 (76 worldwide citation)

A system and method of managing stored data in a storage management system. The storage management system includes a storage manager, a media agent connected to the storage manager, and a primary volume connected to the media agent. A plurality of snapshots are taken of the primary volume. The snaps ...

Ashley Alexis S R: Usage data harvesting. Koninkl Philips Electronics, September 28, 2005: EP1579690-A1 (63 worldwide citation)

A method of harvesting usage data from a broadcast receiver configured to detect and store such usage data comprises providing (16, 18) to the receiver a privacy policy identifying not only the usage data sought to be harvested but also the intended use for such data. At the receiver, an interactive ...

Kim Eung Sun, Lee Yeon Woo, Mclaughlin Stephen: Method of oerating tdd/virtual fdd hierarchical cellular telecommunication system. Samsung Electronics, Univ Edinburgh, September 28, 2005: GB2412541-A (57 worldwide citation)

A method of constructing a micro- or pico-cells and a virtual macro-cell hierarchical cellular system structure comprising contiguous cells each containing a base station and sectors, wherein a virtual cell comprising three surrounding FDD macro-cell base stations over underlay the TDD micro- or pic ...

Chang Chin: Color temperature correction for phosphor converted leds. Koninkl Philips Electronics, September 28, 2005: EP1579733-A1 (57 worldwide citation)

Color correction in phosphor converted LEDs 520. A system and method provide color correction in emission spectra of a phosphor converted LED under PWM current drive. A modulation for a driving current signal is determined 810. A constant-magnitude current signal is modulated based on the determined ...