Fred Thomas
Kim B Edwards, George T Krieger, Fred Thomas III, Brent J Watson: Interchangeable cartridge data storage system for devices performing diverse functions. Iomega Corporation, James T Hagler, September 20, 2005: US06947254 (7 worldwide citation)

A system for exchanging digital data among a plurality of hand-held computer devices. Digital signals are written by a first hand-held device to a mini-cartridge that mini-cartridge is inter-operable among a class of hand-held devices, each of which is equipped with a mini-disk drive. A common digit ...

Maged Beshai
Maged E Beshai, Paul F Daspit: Providing access to a high-capacity packet network. Nortel Networks, September 20, 2005: US06947424 (1 worldwide citation)

A simple access device provides access to a high-capacity network to a traffic source. Once connected to a traffic source, an edge module in the high-capacity network can assign a sub-network address to the traffic source so that the source may also serve as a sink for data traffic. Although the sub ...


Geoffrey B Rhoads, Megan I Livermore: Cell phones with optical capabilities, and related applications. Digimarc Corporation, Digimarc Corporation, September 20, 2005: US06947571 (578 worldwide citation)

A cell phone is equipped with a 2D optical sensor, enabling a variety of applications. For example, such a phone may also be provided with a digital watermark decoder, permitting decoding of steganographic data on imaged objects. Movement of a phone may be inferred by sensing movement of an imaged p ...

Richard D Gresham, Scott E Manzo, Ernest Aranyi, Robert J Geiste, Bruce K Jankowski, Keith Milliman: Surgical stapling device for performing circular anastomoses. Tyco Healthcare Group, September 20, 2005: US06945444 (556 worldwide citation)

This application is directed to a surgical stapling device for performing circular anastomoses. The stapling device includes a retractable trocar which is slidably supported by an anvil retainer and movable from a retracted position located within the anvil retainer to an advanced position extending ...

Kenneth Schofield: Imaging system for vehicle. Donnelly Corporation, Van Dyke Gardner Linn & Burkhart, September 20, 2005: US06946978 (397 worldwide citation)

An imaging system suitable for use with a vehicle based global positioning system includes an imaging sensor and a control. The imaging sensor is positioned at the vehicle and may face generally forwardly with respect to the direction of travel of the vehicle. The control may be operable to provide ...

William T Donofrio, Richard M Harper, Jason A Born, Richard F Schwemberger, Robert P Gill, Mary E Schramm: Finger operated switch for controlling a surgical handpiece. Ethicon Endo Surgery, September 20, 2005: US06945981 (318 worldwide citation)

According to the invention, a finger-operated switch for activating and operating an ultrasonic surgical handpiece is provided. The power output of the surgical handpiece is responsive and proportional to the pressure applied to the finger-operated switch. The finger-operated switch includes, but no ...

Peter G Anick, Alastair Gourlay, John Thrall: Systems and methods for interactive search query refinement. Overture Services, Brown Raysman Millstein Felder & Steiner, September 20, 2005: US06947930 (316 worldwide citation)

A received query is processed so as to generate an initial group of ranked documents corresponding to the received query. Each document in all or a portion of the documents in the initial group of ranked documents is associated with a respective set of ranked candidate terms such that each candidate ...

Jacques Senegas, Denis Pasquet, RĂ©gis Le Couedic: Intervertebral implant with deformable wedge. Spine Next, Merchant & Gould P C, September 20, 2005: US06946000 (287 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an intervertebral implant including a wedge which is inserted between two spinous processes and has two opposite grooves in which said spinous processes engage, which grooves have substantially parallel axes, and each of which grooves is defined by two flanges. The wedge has ...

Gary T Neel, Douglas E Bell, T Philip Wong, Houston F Voss, Allan Javier Caban, David K Boehm: Systems and methods for blood glucose sensing. Home Diagnostics, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner L, September 20, 2005: US06946299 (255 worldwide citation)

A system for measuring a glucose level in a blood sample includes a test strip and a meter. The test strip includes a sample chamber, a working electrode, a counter electrode, fill-detect electrodes, and an auto-on conductor. A reagent layer is disposed in the sample chamber. The auto-on conductor c ...