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The present invention provides a method of providing a secure communications link comprising receiving a request for a secure communications link, selecting one of a plurality of predetermined encryption methods for communicating over said link dependent on security level data, and establishing said ...

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A power management system and method for a wireless communication device generates an average desired transmit power signal based on at least one of a received signal strength indicator signal and a power control instruction signal from a base station. A power supply level adjustment signal is gener ...

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Blood sugar levels are measured non-invasively based on temperature measurement. Non-invasively measured blood sugar level values obtained by a temperature measurement scheme are corrected by blood oxygen saturation and blood flow volume, thereby stabilizing the measurement data.

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A method and apparatus for removing native oxides from a substrate surface is provided. In one aspect, the chamber (100) comprises a chamber body (112) and a support assembly (300) at least partially disposed within the chamber body and adapted to support a substrate thereon. The support assembly in ...

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A high frequency treatment device is provided for high-frequency medical treatments including blood stanching. The device comprises an insertion member and a pair of jaws each representing a longitudinal direction, taking on an electrode function along an entire longitudinal region of each jaw, and ...

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A controller 16 connected to a non-volatile memory 20 and including a volatile memory, which maintains a first list of all erased blocks in the non-volatile memory 20 that are not included in other lists and a second list of blocks in the non-volatile memory 20 that have been recently erased. The in ...

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A suture anchor system for repairing torn or damaged tissue is provided and generally includes a first suture anchor having at least one length of suture attached thereto, and a second suture anchor having at least one length of suture attached thereto. Each length of suture is coupled to one anothe ...

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A method of allocating communications spectrum to base stations of a terrestrial mobile communications network, in which a frequency band interferes with channels of a satellite communications system, comprising allocating said frequency band preferentially to base stations in areas where shadowing ...

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A video device for displaying a menu in a fixed position regardless of its rotation state. The photographing device comprises a geomagnetic sensor for detecting a predetermined output value corresponding to a geomagnetism; a display unit for displaying a predetermined menu through a display panel; a ...