M H Reddy
Nag Bijon, Reddy Hemadri Manyam, Ramalingam Muthusamy, Rajagopal Kesavan: Twin recliner for automotive seats. Ifb Automotive Private, August 16, 2005: TW200526439

The present invention is in field of automotive seat recliners. The present invention particularly provides a twin recliner operable manually for permitting selective position of a seat back with respect to the seat cushion through a range of reclined positions to a selected use position.

Lee Funk
Barry Craig Finzel, Lee A Funk, Robert Charles Kelly, Matthew T Reding, Nancy Anne Wicnienski: Inhibitors of HCV NS5B polymerase. Pharmacia & UpJohn Company, Jeffrey H Tidwell, Bryan C Zielinski, Peter C Richardson, August 16, 2005: US06930106 (2 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides compounds of Formula I, compositions and methods that are useful for treating viral infections and associated diseases, particularly HCV infections and associated diseases.

Paul V Goode Jr, James H Brauker, Apurv U Kamath: System and methods for processing analyte sensor data. Dexcom, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, August 16, 2005: US06931327 (667 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for processing sensor analyte data, including initiating calibration, updating calibration, evaluating clinical acceptability of reference and sensor analyte data, and evaluating the quality of sensor calibration. During initial calibration, the analyte sensor data is evaluated o ...

Csaba Truckai, James A Baker, Bruno Strul, John H Shadduck: Electrosurgical jaw structure for controlled energy delivery. Surgrx, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, Joel Harris, August 16, 2005: US06929644 (483 worldwide citation)

A working end of a surgical instrument that carries first and second jaws for delivering energy to tissue. In a preferred embodiment, at least one jaw of the working end defines a tissue-engagement plane that contacts the targeted tissue. The cross-section of the engagement plane reveals that it def ...

Esmaiel Kiani Azarbayjany, Mohamed Kheir Diab, James M Lepper Jr: Active pulse blood constituent monitoring. Masimo Laboratories, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, August 16, 2005: US06931268 (316 worldwide citation)

A blood glucose monitoring system is disclosed which provides for inducing an active pulse in the blood volume of a patient. The induction of an active pulse results in a cyclic, and periodic change in the flow of blood through a fleshy medium under test. By actively inducing a change of the blood v ...

Coliin C O Goble, Scott T Latterell, Douglas S Wahnschaffe: Electrosurgical system. Gyrus Medical, Nixon & Vanderhye P C, August 16, 2005: US06929641 (251 worldwide citation)

An electrosurgical system includes a generator for generating radio frequency (RF) power, and an electrosurgical instrument including at least three electrodes. The generator comprises an RF output stage having at least a pair of RF output lines, a power supply coupled to the output stage for supply ...

Stephen Ritland: Retractor and method for spinal pedicle screw placement. Depuy Spine, Nutter McClennen & Fish, August 16, 2005: US06929606 (233 worldwide citation)

To avoid traditional muscle dissection required in the placement of a screw for a pedicle screw fixation, a retractor is provided having a guide of an appropriate length to provide access from the skin surface to the dorsal aspect of the vertebra over the pedicle. The retractor has a handle to provi ...

Alvin Mark Terry: Multi-domain motion estimation and plethysmographic recognition using fuzzy neural-nets. Datex Ohmeda, Marsh Fischmann & Breyfogle, August 16, 2005: US06931269 (216 worldwide citation)

Pulse oximetry is improved through classification of plethysmographic signals by processing the plethysmographic signals using a neural network that receives input coefficients from multiple signal domains including, for example, spectral, bispectral, cepstral and Wavelet filtered signal domains. In ...

Mark C Davis, John R Hind, Marcia L Peters, Brad B Topol: Selective data encryption using style sheet processing. International Business Machines Corporation, Myers Bigel Sibley & Sajovec PA, August 16, 2005: US06931532 (206 worldwide citation)

A method, system, and computer program product for selectively encrypting one or more elements of a document using style sheet processing. Disclosed is a policy-driven augmented style sheet processor (e.g. an Extensible Stylesheet Language, or “XSL”, processor) that creates a selectively-encrypted d ...

Harold J Vinegar, Ronald Marshall Bass, Bruce Gerard Hunsucker: Heat sources with conductive material for in situ thermal processing of an oil shale formation. Shell Oil Company, August 16, 2005: US06929067 (205 worldwide citation)

The oil shale formation may be treated using an in situ thermal process. Heat may be provided to a section of the formation from one or more heat sources. A portion of a heat source may include conductive material. In some embodiments, the conductive portion may reduce heat loss to a non-hydrocarbon ...

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