Maricela Morales Charles Szmanda
Charles R Szmanda, George G Barclay, Peter Trefonas, Wang Yueh: Polymer and photoresist compositions. S Matthew Cairns, Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, August 4, 2005: US20050170278-A1

Disclosed are spirocyclic olefin polymers, methods of preparing spirocyclic olefin polymers, photresist compositions including spirocyclic olefin resin binders and methods of forming relief images using such photoresist compositions.

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Donald R Mullen, Belgacem Haba, Ming Li: Method and apparatus for providing an integrated circuit cover. Rambus, Hunton & Williams Rambus, August 4, 2005: US20050167806-A1

An integrated circuit cover incorporating a spring portion is described. The spring portion may include any structure that allows displacement between a plate portion of the integrated circuit cover and an attachment portion of the integrated circuit cover and that provides a substantially equalizin ...

Ehrmann Albrecht, Wegmann Ulrich, Hoch Rainer, Mallmann Joerg, Schuster Karl Heinz: Exposure apparatus and measuring device for a projection lens. Carl Zeiss Smt, Ehrmann Albrecht, Wegmann Ulrich, Hoch Rainer, Mallmann Joerg, Schuster Karl Heinz, SCHWANHÄUSSER Gernot, August 4, 2005: WO/2005/071491 (348 worldwide citation)

A microlithographic projection exposure apparatus in­cludes a projection lens (20) that is configured for im­mersion operation. For this purpose an immersion liquid (34) is introduced into an immersion space (44) that is located between a last lens (L5; 54) of the projection lens (20) on the image s ...

Sakama Isao, Ashizawa Minoru: Wireless ic tag, and method and apparatus for manufacturing the same. Hitachi, August 4, 2005: JP2005-210676 (131 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a wireless IC tag which is thinned, is capable of extending a communication distance can be extended even if mounted near a metallic portion, and eliminates the danger of falling or high-temperature destruction even if mounted to a cable or the like.SOLUTION: In a wi ...

Bungo Akihiro, Yukimoto Shinsuke, Yokoshima Takao: Antenna device. Mitsubishi Materials, August 4, 2005: JP2005-210680 (124 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an antenna device capable of being miniaturized even in a comparatively low-frequency band such as a 400 MHz band.SOLUTION: The antenna device is provided with a substrate 2, a ground 3 provided on one part on the substrate 2, a feeding point P provided on the substr ...

Allan Barrett W, Marquis David Matthew, Tang Ying, Watkins Jeffry Dean: Fc region variants. Applied Molecular Evolution, Allan Barrett W, Marquis David Matthew, Tang Ying, Watkins Jeffry Dean, WISKERCHEN MaryAnn, August 4, 2005: WO/2005/070963 (99 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides polypeptide Fc region variants and oligonucleotides encoding Fc region variants. Specifically, the present invention provides compositions comprising novel Fc region variants, methods for identifying useful Fc region variants, and methods for employing Fc region varian ...


Jeong Hae Joo, Chang Yong Deok: Digital broadcast transmitting/receiving system having an improved receiving performance and signal processing method thereof. Samsung Electronics, Jeong Hae Joo, Chang Yong Deok, JEONG Hong sik, August 4, 2005: WO/2005/071958 (85 worldwide citation)

A digital broadcast transmitting/receiving system and a signal processing method thereof that can improve the receiving performance of the system. A digital broadcast transmitter has a randomizer to randomize an input data stream which has null bytes being inserted at a specified position, a multipl ...

Brighton Carl T: (bmp) Gene expression in bone cells by electromagnetic signals. The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania, Brighton Carl T, CALDWELL John W, August 4, 2005: WO/2005/070136 (85 worldwide citation)

Methods and devices are described for the regulation of bone morphogenetic protein gene expression in bone cells via the application of fields generated by specific and selective electric and electromagnetic signals in the treatment of diseased or injured bone. By gene expression is meant the up-reg ...

Nagasaka Hiroyuki, Yamamoto Taro, Hirakawa Osamu: (Ja) 露光装置及びデバイス製造方法, (En) Exposure apparatus and device producing method. Nikon Corporation, Tokyo Electron, Nagasaka Hiroyuki, Yamamoto Taro, Hirakawa Osamu, SHIGA Masatake, August 4, 2005: WO/2005/071717 (80 worldwide citation)

(EN) An exposure apparatus for exposing a substrate by irradiating exposure light onto the substrate through a projection optical system and a liquid. The exposure apparatus has a supply tube for supplying the liquid, a recovery tube for recovering the liquid, a connection tube for connecting the su ...