Nathaniel Brese
Peter R Levey, Stanley J Jasne, Neil D Brown, Nathaniel E Brese: Adhesive. Edwards & Angell, July 28, 2005: US20050165169-A1

A composition is provided which includes at least one silyl-terminated polymer, at least one polymer with anhydride functionalities, acid functionalities or combinations thereof, and one or more catalysts.

David Sherrer
Matthew L Moynihan, Bruno M Sicard, Carl J Colangelo, John P Cahalen, Brian D Amos, Kevin S Horgan, John J Fisher, David W Sherrer: Optical interface assembly and method of formation. Edwards & Angell, July 28, 2005: US20050163431-A1

Optical interface assemblies are provided. The optical interface assemblies include a first portion having a plurality of optical waveguides. The first portion is configured for mating engagement with an optical fiber connector. A second portion is mated to the first portion. The second portion is c ...

Ugochukwu Njoku
Frank W Brice, Janet R Easton, Charles W Gainey, Jeffrey P Kubala, Hans Helge Lehmann, Tan Lu, Ugochukwu Njoku Charles, Kenneth J Oakes, Dale F Riedy, Charles E Shapley, Gustav E Sittmann, Leslie W Wyman, Harry M Yudenfriend: Managing sets of input/output communications subadapters of an input/output subsystem. International Business Machines Corporation, Heslin Rothenberg Farley & Mesiti PC, July 28, 2005: US20050165969-A1

Input/output (I/O) communications subadapters, such as subchannels, of an I/O subsystem are dedicated to components, such as I/O devices, of the I/O subsystem. The subadapters provide information about the associated components, in response to the execution of I/O instructions. To enhance I/O connec ...

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
John W Smith, Belgacem Haba: Semiconductor chip package with interconnect structure. Tessera, Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, July 26, 2005: US06921713 (2 worldwide citation)

An active microelectronic element such as a semiconductor chip or wafer is bonded to an interconnect element having substantially the same coefficient of thermal expansion as the active element using small, rigid bonds, desirably made by a solid-phase bonding technique, which accommodate numerous cl ...

Craig Allen
Rodolfo Ernesto Kilian, Allen Craig Todd: Two phase anaerobic organic matter treatment and system. Dennis W Beech, July 26, 2005: US06921485 (8 worldwide citation)

The process and system may have an organic matter influent introduced into an acid reactor. The acid reactor may be maintained under conditions to facilitate creation of volatile acids in a fluid having water and suspended solids forming a sludge effluent. The sludge effluent may be communicated to ...

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Joseph Fjelstad, Masud Beroz, John W Smith, Belgacem Haba: Methods of making microelectronic assemblies. Tessera, Lerner David Litenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, July 21, 2005: US20050155223-A1

A method of making a microelectronic assembly includes juxtaposing a first element having conductive leads thereon with a second element having contacts thereon, and wire bonding the conductive leads on the first element to the contacts on the second element so that elongated bonding wires extend be ...

Sandeep Tyagi
Agarwal Naveen, Gaggar Satish Kumar, Gupta Deval, Gupta Samik, Krishnamurthy Raja, Kumaraswamy Ramya, Totad Rajashekhar Shiddappa, Tyagi Sandeep: Polymer compositions, method of manufacture, and articles formed therefrom. General Electric Company, Agarwal Naveen, Gaggar Satish Kumar, Gupta Deval, Gupta Samik, Krishnamurthy Raja, Kumaraswamy Ramya, Totad Rajashekhar Shiddappa, Tyagi Sandeep, WINTER Catherine J, July 21, 2005: WO/2005/066278 (7 worldwide citation)

A polymer composition is disclosed, which comprises a matrix polymer, a fluoropolymer that may be at least partially encapsulated by an encapsulating polymer, and a filler. Methods for making the polymer compositions and articles made of such compositions are also disclosed. The compositions and art ...

Cynthia Hoover
David M Thompson, Cynthia A Hoover: Asymmetric group 8 (VIII) metallocene compounds. Praxair Technology, Gerald L Coon, July 19, 2005: US06919468 (3 worldwide citation)

Asymmetric, disubstituted metallocene compounds have the general formula CpMCp′ where M is a metal selected from the group consisting of Ru, Os and Fe; Cp is a first substituted cyclopentadienyl or indenyl moiety that includes at least one substituent group D1; Cp′ is a second substituted cyclopenta ...


Benjamin Mattes
Mattes Benjamin R, Adams Phillip N, Yang Dali, Brown Lori A, Fadeev Andrei G, Norris Ian D: Spinning, doping, dedoping and redoping polyaniline fiber. Santa Fe Scjence &Amp Amp Technology, July 18, 2005: KR1020057007745

A composition of matter suitable for spinning polyaniline fiber, a method for spinning electrically conductive polyaniline fiber, a method for exchanging dopants in polyaniline fibers, and methods for dedoping and redoping polyaniline fibers are described.

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