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A time/location information delivery system that provides focused advertising and/or other information to individuals based on the time and their location. A wireless identification device is carried by an individual and can be read from or written to when the individual passes by interrogators in a ...

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Various methods are disclosed for monitoring user browsing activities that indicate user interests in particular products or other items, and for using such information to identify items that are related to one another. In one embodiment, relationships between products within an online catalog are d ...

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Surgical articles, implants and components suitable for a transobturator surgical procedure are described.

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An optical interference color display is provided. The optical interference color display comprises a color filtering substrate, a patterned support layer, a plurality of first electrodes, a plurality of optical films and a plurality of second electrodes. The patterned support layer and the first el ...

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A medical clip applying device for crimping a clip onto a mammalian tissue. The clip applying device comprises a handle grip assembly having a handle and a pivotable trigger arranged onto the handle grip assembly. An elongated cartridge support channel is arranged onto a distal end of the handle gri ...

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An apparatus is provided for manipulating droplets. The apparatus is a single-sided electrode design in which all conductive elements are contained on one surface on which droplets are manipulated. An additional surface can be provided parallel with the first surface for the purpose of containing th ...

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A method and apparatus for controlling a bonusing promotion system using a bonus server interconnected to a plurality of gaming devices is described. A percentage of a wager played on each gaming device is accumulated into a bonus pool stored on the bonus server. The bonus pool is compared to a thre ...

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The present invention provides an apparatus for analyzing the sequences of polynucleotides. The apparatus comprises (a) flow cell which has at least one microfabricated multilayer elastomeric synthesis channel; and (b) an inlet port and an outlet port. The inlet port and outlet ports are in fluid co ...

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Systems and techniques for transferring electronic data between users of a communications system include a host system structured and arranged to receive and deliver messages of various types between users of the communications system. The host system includes an instant messaging network; a mail ga ...

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A tubular prosthetic semilunar or atrioventricular heart valve is formed by cutting flat, flexible leaflets according to a pattern. The valve is constructed by aligning the side edges of adjacent leaflets so that the leaflet inner faces engage each other, and then suturing the leaflets together with ...