Jens Nagel
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A method (500) of informing a vehicle operator to improve the operator's performance includes the steps of receiving vehicle operating data (502); monitoring an interior portion of the vehicle and receiving operator activity data from the interior portion of the vehicle (504); receiving vehicle envi ...

Klaus Hafemann
Klaus Hafemann: Dental care device. Wik Far East, Margaret Polson, Patent Law Offices of Rick Martin P C, June 21, 2005: US06907636 (5 worldwide citation)

An electric dental care device with a care head 7 oscillatingly driven about a rotational axis DV powered by a rotating driving shaft 2. One end of driving shaft 2 has a driving element 17 disposed eccentrically to the rotational axis of the driving shaft 2. The driving element 17 engages a recess o ...

Runhai Lu
Michael Porsch, Thomas M Vickers Jr, Rainer Packe Wirth, Samy M Shendy, Lynn E Brower, John Pickett, Frank Danko, Runhai Lu: Oligomeric dispersant. Construction Research & Technology, Curatolo Sidoti Co LPA, Joseph G Curatolo, James E Oehlenschlager, June 21, 2005: US06908955 (21 worldwide citation)

A composition that is a reaction product of two or three moieties. The first moiety (A) is a nonpolymeric, multi-functional moiety or combination of mono- or multifunctional moieties that adsorbs onto a cementitious particle. The second required moiety (C) is a linear or branched water soluble, noni ...

Robert Deng
Robert Huijie Deng, Feng Bao, Yongdong Wu: Remote authentication based on exchanging signals representing biometrics information. Kent Ridge Digital Labs, Ladas & Parry, June 21, 2005: US06910129 (10 worldwide citation)

A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for remote authentication are disclosed. The methods are based on exchanging of signals representing remote party's biometrics information (such as acoustic waveforms) and have application in secure telephony or video-conferencing communications ...


Alain Cribier: Value prosthesis for implantation in body channels. Edwards Lifesciences PVT, David L Hauser, William H Dippert, June 21, 2005: US06908481 (638 worldwide citation)

A valve prosthesis which is especially useful in the case of aortic stenosis and capable of resisting the powerful recoil force and to stand the forceful balloon inflation performed to deploy the valve and to embed it in the aortic annulus, comprises a collapsible valvular structure and an expandabl ...

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Telephone calls, data and other multimedia information including video, audio and data is routed through a switched network which includes transfer of information across the internet. Users can participate in video conference calls in which each participant can simultaneously view the video from eac ...

Eitan T Wiener, William T Donofrio, Robert Alan Kemerling: Apparatus and method for altering generator functions in an ultrasonic surgical system. Ethicon Endo Surgery, June 21, 2005: US06908472 (354 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a system for implementing surgical procedures which includes an ultrasonic surgical hand piece having an end-effector, a console having a digital signal processor (DSP) for controlling the hand piece, an electrical connection connecting the hand piece and the console, ...

Joseph R Hedrick, Binh T Nguyen: Player tracking communication mechanisms in a gaming machine. IGT, Beyer Weaver & Thomas, June 21, 2005: US06908387 (276 worldwide citation)

A disclosed a player tracking unit provides a display, one or more illumination devices adjacent to the display and a logic device designed to control illumination of the illumination devices in a manner that visually conveys gaming information to an individual viewing the devices. A speaker may be ...

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A system, method and article of manufacture are provided for allowing concept based information searching. Textual information is collected utilizing a network. The textual information is parsed to create topic specific information packets, which are stored in an information cache. The system parses ...