Beraud Jean Marc: Warp knit fabric for surgical application. Analytic Biosurgical Solutions, June 10, 2005: FR2863277-A1 (18 worldwide citation)

Chain stitch knit in biocompatible thread for surgical use with a woven chain stitch weave. - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is included for a reinforcement strip for the treatment of cystocele which comprises a length of the knit.

Krauss Hans Peter: Pneumatic spring-damper unit for automobile has damping spaces defined within cylinder housing by piston unit with 2 separation pistons and spring space defined by rolled bellows around projecting piston rod. Continental, June 10, 2005: FR2863328-A1 (15 worldwide citation)

The spring-damper unit has a cylinder housing (1) containing a piston unit (8) with at least 2 separation pistons (10,11) fitted to a piston rod (9), the section of the piston projecting from the cylinder housing enclosed by a rolled bellows (19), with damping spaces (12,13,14,15) defined by the sep ...

Ghalayini Bachir, Courjaud Evariste: Data reception acknowledgement receiving method for digital television service, involves generating acknowledgement for reception of data, where data is authenticated by unique number and transmitted by communication network. New Screens, June 10, 2005: FR2863439-A1 (13 worldwide citation)

The method involves transmitting data to digital television service provider by a decoder connected to a telephonic line. An acknowledgement for reception of the data is generated by a server. The data is certified and authenticated by a unique number and transmitted to the user by a communication n ...

Joassard Roland, Bodin Pascal, Filippi Georges: Wind generators blade for producing electricity, has at one of its ends cylindrical root to be fixed with hub of wind generator by screwing units cooperating with threaded bores carried by root. Ocea, June 10, 2005: FR2863321-A1 (12 worldwide citation)

The blade includes at one of its ends a cylindrical root (1) to be fixed with a hub of an aerogenerator by screwing units cooperating with threaded bores (31) carried by the root or by a unit connected to the root. The threaded bores are extended in a direction of the hub. The threaded bores are kep ...

Carrez Jean Luc, Guyomarc H Pierrick, Dalle Valery, Tempereau Michel: Male and female couplings for liquid transmission tubes, especially for enteral feeding, have projections and stops to avoid incorrect connection. Vygon, June 10, 2005: FR2863162-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

The male (A) and female (B) couplings have a matching tapering projection (1) and cavity (15) respectively and internal (9) and external (19) threaded surfaces to fasten them together. The two couplings are designed so they fit only with one another and not with standard couplings used with other ty ...

Watanabe Shigeyuki, Tatara Naoki, Okui Kazuki, Ohshio Hirohiko, Ohmi Takeshi: Phare a plusieurs elements photoemissifs. Koito Mfg, June 10, 2005: FR2863343-A1 (10 worldwide citation)

L'invention concerne un phare à éléments photoémissifs.Elle se rapporte à un phare qui comprend plusieurs unités (30) de dispositif d'éclairage ayant chacune un élément photoémissif (34) et au moins un organe optique (32, 36) de réglage de la lumière de l'élément photoémissif (34), un organe (20) de ...

Styrc Mikolaj Witold, Wen Ning: Dispositif de traitement dun vaisseau sanguin et procede de preparation de ce dispositif. Perouse Laboratoires, June 10, 2005: FR2863160-A1 (9 worldwide citation)

Ce dispositif comprend une endoprothèse tubulaire (11), et un tuteur (13) creux, muni au voisinage d'une extrémité distale d'au moins une ouverture transversale (23A) de retenue. Il comprend un organe de retenue libérable (31). Il comporte également un lien filiforme (33A) qui forme un passant (41) ...

Audren James, Renaudin Philippe, Le Strat Olivier, Foucher Laurent: Underwater light projector for use e.g. swimming pool, has assembly with thermo conductor glue between lamp and thermo conductor plate, and thermo conductor unit between plate and one side of sealed case that contacts with water. Internat Pool Safety And Light, June 10, 2005: FR2863345-A1 (8 worldwide citation)

The projector has a sealed case with multiple sides, of which one contacts with water (2), and a lamp (7) positioned within the case. A thermo conductor assembly is placed between the lamp and the case side contacting the water. The assembly has a thermo conductor plate (11), a thermo conductor glue ...

Lardellier Alain: Twin-spool turbine for aircraft, has electrical generators driven through differential gear having two planet wheels driven by high and low pressure rotor shafts of high and low pressure bodies, and planet gear driven by wheels. Snecma Moteurs, June 10, 2005: FR2863312-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

The turbine has electrical generators driven through a differential gear (30) having two planet wheels (31', 32') driven by high and low pressure rotor shafts (1, 2) of high and low pressure bodies. The wheels drive a planet gear (33) mounted in a casing (36). Transmission ratios between respective ...

Schlee Serge: Anti-microbial handle e.g. for hospital use has core or rod covered with sleeve containing a biocide of mineral or metal salts. Schlee Serge, June 10, 2005: FR2863171-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

The handle consists of a support (2) for a core or rod (5) with a coupling (6, 7) at each end - one for connecting to the support and the other to receive a cap (8). The core or rod is fitted with an anti-microbial sleeve (10) containing a biocide containing mineral or metallic (ferrous or non-ferro ...