Xavier Baie
Bruce B Doris, Dureseti Chidambarrao, Xavier Baie, Jack A Mandelman, Devendra K Sadana, Dominic J Schepis: Field effect transistor with stressed channel and method for making same. International Business Machines Corporation, Whitham Curtis & Christofferson P C, Jay H Anderson, April 26, 2005: US06884667 (18 worldwide citation)

Field effect transistor with increased charge carrier mobility due to stress in the current channel 22. The stress is in the direction of current flow (longitudinal). In PFET device, the stress is compressive; in NFET devices, the stress is tensile. The stress is created by a compressive film 34 in ...

David Sherrer
Mindaugas F Dautartas, David W Sherrer, Neal Ricks, Dan A Steinberg: Optical device package for flip-chip mounting. Shipley Company L L C, Jonathan D Baskin, April 26, 2005: US06883977 (7 worldwide citation)

An optical device package includes a substrate; an optical fiber, a frame, and optionally a lid and an optical semiconductor component. The upper surface of the frame includes conductive visa extending vertically to solder balls on its upper surface. Conductive traces along the surface of the substr ...

Cynthia Hoover
David M Thompson, Cynthia A Hoover: Methods for making metallocene compounds. Praxair Technology, Gerald L Coon, April 26, 2005: US06884901 (6 worldwide citation)

A method for producing Group 8 (VIII) metallocene or metallocene-like compounds employs a compound that includes a Cp′ anion, such as found, together with a counterion, in a cyclopentadienide or cyclopentadienide-like salt. In one embodiment, the method includes reacting a metal salt, a (Cp) compoun ...

Jennifer Petoff
Raymond Gerard Hamilton, Morris Christopher Wills, Jennifer Lynn Petoff, Joseph Robert Adamo: Multimodal polymer particles and uses thereof. Rohm and Haas Company, Paul Chirgott, Marcella M Bodner, April 26, 2005: US06884844 (5 worldwide citation)

A multimodal polymer particle composition containing two or more populations of polymer particles having a total rubbery weight fraction of less than 90 weight percent is provided. Also disclosed is a process for preparing multimodal polymer particle compositions that can be dried to a powder. Multi ...

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Belgacem Haba, Para Segaram, Joseph C Fjelstad: Array connector with deflectable coupling structure for mating with other components. SiliconPipe, Shemwell Gregory & Courtney, April 26, 2005: US06884120 (4 worldwide citation)

A connector is described which uses a coupling structure integrally formed from a plurality of discrete elements that are aligned to receive an insertion force. In response to the insertion force affecting some or all of the elements, the affected elements move from an original state into a deflecte ...

Ali R Rezai: Electrical stimulation of the sympathetic nerve chain. The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Kenyon & Kenyon, April 26, 2005: US06885888 (523 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a method of affecting physiological disorders by stimulating a specific location along the sympathetic nerve chain. Preferably, the present invention provides a method of affecting a variety of physiological disorders or pathological conditions by placing an electrode ...

Norman A Parris, Russell O Potts, Michael J Tierney, Christopher Uhegbu: Methods for improving performance and reliability of biosensors. Cygnus, Barbara G McClung, Gary R Fabian, April 26, 2005: US06885883 (311 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a predictive-kinetic method for use with data processing of a sensor-generated signal, as well as, microprocessors and monitoring systems employing such a predictive-kinetic method. Data from a transient region of a signal is used with suitable models and curve-fitti ...

Gary W Grube, Leslie Gabor Seymour: Group location and route sharing system for communication units in a trunked communication system. Motorola, Steven R Santema, Terri S Hughes, Indira Saladi, April 26, 2005: US06885874 (296 worldwide citation)

Methods are disclosed for sharing location and route information between communication units (e.g., talkgroup members) that are subscribed to a group location sharing service. The group location sharing service is event-based, such that the communication units may form a subset of a talkgroup desiri ...

Joseph L Jones, Newton E Mack, David M Nugent, Paul E Sandin: Autonomous floor-cleaning robot. IRobot Corporation, Gesmer Updegrove, April 26, 2005: US06883201 (291 worldwide citation)

An autonomous floor-cleaning robot comprises a self-adjusting cleaning head subsystem that includes a dual-stage brush assembly having counter-rotating, asymmetric brushes and an adjacent, but independent, vacuum assembly such that the cleaning capability and efficiency of the self-adjustable cleani ...

William Zahavi, Lee W Sapiro, Saymai Thammavong, Ron Arnan: Method and apparatus for storage system metrics management and archive. EMC Corporation, Brian L Michaelis, Joseph P Quinn, Brown Rudnick Berlack Israels, April 26, 2005: US06886020 (275 worldwide citation)

A data management and archive method and apparatus, such as for implementation in an automated system to monitor and manage status, performance and configuration data for a plurality of networked storage components. Analysis and cross-correlation of data related to the plurality of storage component ...